Mini notebook Computer Fujitsu LifeBook P701 review

If you need a rugged laptop for work and play on the go, as you would like to sell Fujitsu Lifebook P701 - 12.1-inch notebook with Intel Core i3, measuring just 283 mm wide and weighs smidgeon more than 1.5 kg. This portability is not cheap, but as P701 costs about £ 770 Let's find out if it's worth it.

This laptop is designed primarily for life on the road, so Fujitsu has decided not to include a DVD player. Despite this, the P701 is not the thinnest ultra-portable, we met because there are still measures 33mm thick.

The design will not win any awards, either in matte silver and black paint looks a bit boring.
That said, the matte finish is less likely to report that the stripes of bright paint jobs on many of its rivals, and the quality of the construction of the P701 can not be blamed, which is important for a laptop is likely to spend much time on the road.

Ultraportable keyboards are always in danger due to limited space available. Fujitsu has done a very good job in terms of provision, however, only the tab key and the backslash is less than usual. Traditional tapered keys does not travel much, so the keyboard feels a bit soft and mushy to write. It is resistant to spills, which could be a lifesaver if you hit a cup of coffee on it while working on a plane or train.

The touchpad is much better. It may be small, but the dimpled surface feels surprisingly comfortable under your finger. We certainly found more satisfying to use than the sticky, shiny surface of some other keyboards we've met recently. Between the two traditional buttons below the pad is a fingerprint reader that also doubles as a scroll wheel. To the immediate right of the pavement, Fujitsu has also added a circular touchpad that can be used either as a scroll wheel or zoom in and out of images. It works great and feels very intuitive to use.

Like most laptops are more work than play, which has a matte screen reduces reflections on the big screen. The screen has a resolution of 1280 x800 pixels, odd, slightly narrower than the usual 1366 x768, but in practice we have found that made a big difference. The screen is bright and impressive viewing angles on the horizontal axis are excellent.

Our version of the P907 with the 2.1GHz Core i3-2310 m processor and 2GB of RAM, although there are models available with faster processors and more memory. In PCMark 05 was placed in a respectable 5956, so do not pose a problem to deal with a series of programs open at once, such as email, word processing and spreadsheet work.

Its 3D performance is not bad, since the clock to a 3550 score in 3D Mark 06. It is not fast enough to play the latest games, but you will get decent frame rates old things.

In general, this notebook is a solid machine that goes about its business with minimum hassle. It's not really excel in a particular area and a keyboard spongy battery life quite short and lack of a DVD is disappointing.


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