memory G.Skill Ripjaws-X Series PC3-14900 8GB Kit ddr3 review

What I mean is that watching these high-end equipment or more of these people-oriented budget. G. Address Skill, the other day, we wanted to organize something that was among them, a kit for people who were happy to spend a little more than a bigger budget 1600MHz DDR game, but not go too crazy about mobile thing as 2133MHz DDR.

To my surprise, even pushing the voltage to 1.65V which is the maximum, we will offer a kit of RAM and the rate of CMD 1T move more aggressively, we completed the run at 1943MHz DDR Kit is actually a nice overclock since we obtained the CMD rate.

While overclocked, it was time to return to Windows to see what kind of performance you can get the kit.
In AIDA64 we ended up with read / write 21,751 MB / s / 20,522 MB / s copy speed of 23,691 MB / s and 40.7ns latency. Looking SiSoftware Sandra, our total memory bandwidth is 25,550 MB / s for integers and 25,530 MB / s Float.

This is a good momentum in the stock clocks and you can see a good improvement in latency, which fell nearly 10%. Since everything was going so well, it was time to enter the BIOS and handle our CPU multiplier to 51x. This has put us in little more than Windows and our 5.3GHz 1943MHz DDR memory clock itself.

What we found was with the team-F3-14900CL9D 8GBXL. He seems to have everything for someone who is, after an excellent mid-range computer or platform Z68 P67. Being a part of Ripjaws X, we have this great looking cooler G. Ability was used.
As you can see a screenshot of the above, you get a nice boost to performance more impressive is the write speed of memory, which is 26 267 MB / s.

This is a set of really good memory, as I said people are looking for something that is faster than 1600 MHz DDR kit, but cheaper than at 2133MHz DDR. Coupled with the fact you get 8 GB of memory instead of 4 GB which saw the really top class by itself, is an attractive option for people who do not need extreme MHz
The kit we expect that you may have guessed from the model number is a PC3-14900 kit 8GB. 14,900 is a bit of an odd number, it is translated 1866MHz DDR.

Throw that with the fact, we can pull almost 1950MHz DDR Kit with decreased CMD 1T instead of 2T and the position you have a good memory kits.

Because we just released for testing ultrafast ASUS Maximus Extreme IV, I thought we'd throw this kit to see how we go. Because we have all the divisors of the way up to 2200MHz DDR on board, we knew that getting the standard 1866MHz DDR would not be a problem.

And it runs on Windows, it was time to check the performance could be obtained.

Under AIDA64 end up with read / write counts of 19,003 MB / s / 18 005 MB / s copy speed of 21,205 MB / s and 44.5ns latency. Looking SiSoftware Sandra, our numbers of memory band width is 23 420 MB / s for integers and 24,120 MB / s float.

These numbers are pretty much on line as you might think that would be made between the lower end of the series and above 1600 MHz DDR 2133MHz  for them.

Given the lower price of the modules and the more relaxed timings and 2T CMD rate, I did not expect a lot of kit. Honestly, when the image that a good buy considering the price and speed.

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