laser printer dell 1130 review

Dell Laser Printer 1130 is small enough to share a table with and provides an appropriate speed, the production quality and paper handling. While it offers nothing special to bring out from the crowd, and it is probably a bit expensive for what it offers, it is easy to pitch it is intended.

The 1130 has less in common than you might suppose similar to Dell 1130n Laser Printer that I reviewed a year ago. Apart from missing a network connector, the 1130 note slower motor cycle and a decline in nominal operation.
What these two parts is substantially the same size and weight, which is 7.8 14.2 15.3 inches (HWD) and 16 E £ 1,130 'makes it both smaller and lighter than inkjet printers some, which also helps to define the personal printers. Both also offer the same management of the paper tray, 250 pages, which is a generous and personal printer, and power 1-page manual, a very useful advantage that you can include different types of paper, without exchanging the paper tray.

1130 print quality is good enough for most purposes, but impressive. the quality of the text is in the lower area where most of the mono laser, which makes it easy enough for most commercial purposes, unless you have an unusual need for small font sizes.

The graphics were at the upper end of the tight level, where most mono lasers fall also makes them well enough for most commercial purposes, including PowerPoint and other documents, as long as you do not have a clear mind if a minor, production errors. Photo quality was good enough to print recognizable images from Web pages, but a bit short of what I want to, say, client newsletters.

Compared to the Brother HL-2240, offering high-quality graphics and a close match for most other points, but the price of a much slower rate. On the other hand, is perfectly able to fill the post is designed as a personal monochrome laser printer, and can be useful to resume from where you can get the price low enough.

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