In many ways, the R850 looks like a giant-sized version of the R830 we will review shortly. It has a black and chrome finish looks similar work. Unlike the R830, however, feel like you are screwed and will support long-term abuse. For a 15-inch model, which is relatively thin, 25 mm, and light too, tipping the scales at just 1.48 kg.

Under the bonnet of the R850 has a very meaty specification. It uses an Intel Core i5-2410M processor is clocked at 2.3 GHz, but the chip is the turbo boost can automatically overclock up to 2.9 GHz in short bursts, when a program is particularly necessary. The processor is assisted by 6 GB of RAM and there is also a dedicated Radeon HD 6450M graphics chip.
Its 3DMark score is a little less impressive, as it will be necessary to score much higher if it were to be able to run the latest first-person shooter at high speed.

Because Toshiba sees this laptop mainly for work instead of play is that it features a 15.6-inch matte screen, as opposed to using a glossy surface. The matte surface means that the colors appear slightly less vivid than they are on glossy screens, but this display, LED backlight means there still looks very promising. Given the relatively high price of the laptop, we would have preferred to see a higher resolution than 1366 x 768 pixels on offer, especially since it would have made it easier to work with two documents side by side.

The keyboard is a mixture too. Using the tile as keys are large and flat and the action is pretty elastic. The space bar in our sample do not always register properly when we were writing about it, it was more than a little annoying. However, the keyboard is spill-resistant, so if you have a can of Coke in it, should not be the end of the world.

R850 is 500-gigabyte hard disk provides plenty of space to store documents and files, and also affect the sensor, which can be parked to escape, if it detects that the laptop is going to free fall, in order to protect the data. No DVD player on board too, and you'll find multi-format memory card reader tucked into the left side of the frame. This supports both standard SD cards and Sony Memory Stick format.

Row of ports is not bad. Together, the standard two USB 2.0 ports, there is also a USB 3.0 port on the left side. Although not a large number of USB 3.0 devices on the market right now, it's still nice to see here. What's more, Toshiba has also added a double effect eSATA / USB, which is used for sleeping and downloads. This allows you to download the portable kit, such as smart phones and MP3 players, even if the computer is off.

Most 15-inch laptop manages to run for about 1 hour and 20 minutes in our Battery Eater test. This test runs the processor at full whack to simulate a worst-case scenario battery life. The R850 did better than most people manage to continue in one hour 42 minutes, which is pretty impressive in anyone's book.
Does not excel in any particular area, however, and were disappointed with its less-inspired keyboard.


  1. really fast downloading and all.very good graphics

  2. I really like the full size keyboard.

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