Today we are in the first, entertainment-oriented, 15.6 Satellite P750-115. Sporting a new textured finish, high-end quad-core Core i7, a huge 8 GB of RAM backed by a hard disk drive 640 GB and NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor with 2 GB of dedicated RAM and a Blu-Ray , it is clearly a serious suitor.

But the Satellite P750 seems quite attractive overall, and chrome of the satellite, power button backlit white is a nice touch. White status LED are visible on the mobile front, even when the machine is closed.

Along the left is HDMI and VGA video cable, Gigabit Ethernet and two USB ports, 3.0 and 2.0 of the varieties, with the ex-Sleep & Charge support devices or load power when the notebook is off .
In addition, the wireless connection is completely portable Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth 3.0. The loophole is that there really would have liked to see the two USB 3.0 ports instead of one, because that would quickly copy the data transfer rate of two external hard drives or USB keys.

Specifications are where things get really interesting as Satellite P750-115 is relatively modest exterior hides some serious power. star of the show is one of the new Intel chips Sandy Bridge, in particular, quad-core Core i7 2630QM. With the support of Hyper-threading allows up to eight virtual cores and a maximum frequency of 2.9GHz Turbo stock speed of 2 GHz, it is at the upper end of the range mobile processor and should provide enough power for demanding tasks such as video trans / encoding.

This processor is capable backed by a huge 8GB of DDR3 RAM, which quickly became the standard for high-end PC. For storage there is a generous 640 GB hard drive, if it is a slowdown in the 5400 rpm range.
Unfortunately, the amount of memory does not have a significant impact if the chip itself is not up, but fortunately, if you do not plan to run demanding titles like Crysis, the GT450 stop fine.


  1. These laptops are good quality, it has its own advantages in it no wonder if many people liked it

  2. my power button stripe is not on how do I turn it on???
    please help
    Thanks Rox

  3. No power or pc doesn't turn on.

    Bad power cable.
    Mistaken power supply.
    Connections not attached correctly.
    Third-party components.
    Bad power supply, power button, or power board or inverter.
    Mistaken power supply.
    Bad battery.


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