Laptop pc Toshiba Satellite L750 PSK08A-018004 review

L750 can be regarded as a good all-rounder which is suitable for students, office workers and home users who want something with good speed and mobility, and decent battery life and ease of use. It is not perfect, for example, sometimes we look at the touchpad is too sticky to use without problems, is a noisy hard disk, its glossy screen can be annoying, and it takes more than an hour after you take the box. But, overall, is more than disgust.

It feels well made, has a beautiful white finish with patterned and it comes with good connections and specifications. Intel Core i5 2410M CPU is in the engine, and is accompanied by 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM and a 640-GB hard drive 5400 rpm. Registered expected time 44sec and 54sec in our iTunes test Blender 3D and MP3 encoding - these are worthy of what we've seen other laptops equipped 2410M, we saw that MSI CR640.
Graphics are handled by the Intel HD 3000 CPU Core i5, who recorded a score of 3642 in 3DMark06. It can handle HD graphics smoothly, which means you can easily L750 in your TV via HDMI to watch downloaded video content, it is also able to run some games like Starcraft seconds

hard drive, which is the model of Toshiba MK6476GSXN makes a clicking sound, which can be annoying. And good results in our tests, however, recording 27.89 megabytes per second transfer rate when copying 2.12GB in front of 2-50MB of files from one location to another drive. It also has shock protection, which is a bit 'sensitive at first kick to stop driving up to the tiniest, but this sensitivity can be adjusted on Toshiba HDD protection software that is provided.

The keypad is smooth-finished, full-size keys are soft and good travel. They feel much better than hitting the buttons on the Portege R830, except for the arrow keys, which feel a bit too resistive. But the Portege has a better touchpad. The gesture support multi-touch touchpad on Satellite L750 has a texture that sometimes feels like he has too much grip, making it less of a pleasure to use. It is designed to blend in with the rest of palm and can not be separated from the rest of your palm when you place your finger on it. We'd much rather have a soft and smooth. We do not like the location of the click buttons on the right and left edge of the bottom because they are too easy to inadvertently press.

The laptop has a vent and fan on the right side, which extract all the warm air generated by i5 processor, RAM and hard drive. However, the laptop becomes slightly warm. It may feel slightly uncomfortable if used on your lap for a long period, and the rest of palm have a little heat.

13.3in screen has a native resolution of 1366x768 and glossy surface. It is prone to glare, which can be annoying, especially when you change the tilt of the display to get rid of the reflections can cause the image seems too light.

Like most Toshiba notebooks, the L750 is equipped with USB ports to support sleep and charge, which can be used to charge USB-based gadgets (like the iPhone), even when the laptop is off. It is very convenient when traveling you can leave your laptop bag while charging your phone. You must ensure that your laptop battery is charged at the place and the fist.

6-cell, 48 watt-hour battery sits on the back of the laptop. This lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes our rundown test, where you turn off power management for Wi-Fi, to maximize screen brightness and Xvid-encoded video loop. We wish it lasted a bit 'but not a terrible result at all. You can get a lot more to life, and if it is to control the brightness and use a portable Web surfing and light word processing, for example ..

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