Laptop pc Samsung RV511 review

Today, you can expect to find a fast enough laptop at that price, and battery life. Take this example RV511 Samsung, which has an Intel Core i3 2.53 GHz, though essential, leaving the score 105 points in our WorldBench 6 mobile challenge.

But processor performance is not a cramp battery life is decent too Samsung RV511. Equipped with a removable battery 48Wh of reasonable size, we've seen up to five hours and fifteen minutes of life (315 minutes), using the MobileMark 2007 productivity test. 6GB DDR3 memory also helps here, as is a large 640 GB hard drive.
It is unclear whether Samsung RV511 uses technology from nVidia Optimus. This is an automatic switching system where nVidia is turned on when required for certain applications or graphics-intensive Windows games. Other times, the computer uses less demanding integrated Intel graphics.

In our tests the Samsung RV511, we could not see the nVidia dedicated graphics, which makes the battery life even more remarkable.

With the nVidia GeForce 315 and 1 GB of video memory on it, so we framerate to 33fps in FEAR graphics test with maximum detail settings. By dropping the quality settings a notch higher, this number increased to 65fps.

15.6-wide screen is bright and colorful and reflective high-gloss finish highlighted. And the flash covers medium and strongly contrast opacification certain colors faded. Our usual caveat about the use of laptop or high light near the windows are applied.

A keyboard is very widely distributed across the width of the upper deck of Scrabble tiles made of black plastic. With the QWERTY keyboard significant shift to the left, the touchpad is also left of center, but not quite aligned with the keyboard, or an inch to the right of the spacebar.

We tested with Samsung, we found the wrists were brushing the touchpad, it is all too often, when the touch screen typing chore as the cursor has been brushed off course. Trackpad itself is quite useful, 90 x 54mm in size, separate left / right click buttons at a discount to the bridge, but a clickable thumb.

Most ports of the laptop was on the left side: two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA outputs, audio input and output connectors Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, power jack and an SD card slot.

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