Laptop Pc Lenovo ThinkPad X220i Review

The X220i is the right size to be carried by mobile workers, and Lenovo has paid much attention to detail, especially in its ThinkVantage Technologies designed to give extra help to users.

One is the Lenovo Power Manager gives more options than the standard Windows power management, which seemed to make a difference in our test that X220i managed battery life than the average for a system of 12 inches.

Lenovo X220 offers configurations that cover a wide range of i3, i5 and i7, and multiple battery options, allowing users to choose a larger battery, as long as you do not mind the mess.
Our standard of review contained 2.1 GHz Core i3-2310 m, dual-core processor with Hyper-Threading is to support four threads, but that does not have better performance Turbo Boost Technology.

We believe that this is a good thing for an ultraportable. Turbo Boost rack up the clock speed is set above the chip when the operating system requires the highest performance. The problem is, it does so even when the computer is powered by batteries.

In performance, X220i hits above its weight with a Windows Experience Index of 4.6, which relates to the division of the graphics in the Intel integrated HD? Dozens of specially designed hard drive and CPU X220i well above average.

The remaining data consist of 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 320GB SATA disk with 128GB SSD option. It is a relatively small system like this, there is no optical drive option, however.
For wireless connectivity, customers can choose between Lenovo ThinkPad 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi adapter, an equivalent Intel or an Intel Centrino with advanced N-6205 802.11a/b/g/n support, which had installed on our review sample.

ThinkPad X220i can also be configured with a 3G cellular modem to connect to just about anywhere. It has not been installed on our review unit, but SIM is present inside the battery compartment.

Open until X220i has the characteristic style of ThinkPad with an integrated controller in the middle of the keyboard trackpoint and a touchpad below. We prefer the trackpoint, as many users of ThinkPad, but the other controller can be disabled in the Windows Control Panel, if preferred.

The touch screen itself has been extended by eliminating the separate buttons left and right mouse button. Now users can click on the own label on the left or right, that sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it seems to work fine when I tested.

The 12.5in screen has a native resolution of 1366 x 768, providing enough space for office applications and delivering a clear and bright in our review unit. A webcam for video is optional, supports resolutions up to 1280 × 720 pixels, enough for 720p HD.

The software included with our unit based on the standard price for Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition, which offers features smaller versions of Word and Excel, as well as a trial version of Norton Internet Security.

However, Lenovo also have a variety of instruments including the above Power Manager, ThinkVantage Toolbox, which contains a variety of health and diagnostics, Rescue and Recovery Password Vault and Access Connections, which allows you to easily switch between Wi -Fi and 3G broadband.

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