Laptop Pc Dell Latitude E6320 review

Dell Latitude E6320 is a 13-inch laptop designed to impress. A solid metal chassis, the Intel Core i7, large keypad, and six hours of battery life means you will make it through the longest PowerPoint presentations, including

Dell Latitude E6320 is both elegant and durable thanks to the Tri-Metal chassis. Roof is made of durable slate gray satin anodized aluminum surrounds the gray magnesium alloy with stainless steel hinges and paste it into the base. Unlike the rest of the base frame is made of plastic, but it is powder coated for better protection against dents and scratches.
E6320 is an explosion inside the underrated style soft matte black rubberized material. bridge, matte black keyboard is surrounded by the same aluminum slate gray, like the lid. orange border that holds the bridge keyboard adds a nice pop of color. Framework should be designed keyboard tips matte black finish.

Dell Latitude E6320 is MIL-STD-810G tested, which means it can withstand vibrations, extreme temperatures, dust and high altitudes. In addition, the E6320 features a spill-resistant keyboard, a rubber protection around the screen, and a bumper that protects the screen against sudden shocks.

E6320 3.1 x 1.6-inch touch-pad was a flat and smooth. Multi-Touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom and a two-finger scrolling was responsive and fast. Our favorite multitouch gesture, the Quick Launch bar, we were able to map a specific command (minimize all, a blank screen and lock the computer), and the gesture with three fingers. multitouch gestures, however, Dell has disabled by default.

The E6320 has a matte 13.3-inch Latitude, glare, LED backlight with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel native resolution. While the brightness of 200 nits is less than X1 ThinkPad images (350 nits), sharp colors. blue eyes, Cameron Diaz and lipstick bright red broke during our point of view of the trailer in 1080p bad teacher. When we saw the trailer for Super 8, a fire was bright red and orange, especially during explosions. However, we noticed some slight pixelation during scenes of the night. The viewing angles are limited to some extent, with colors began to wash over 45 degrees horizontal.

At maximum volume, the E6320 could fill a small room, but with the audio wire. When we listen to Kanye West "All the lights," clearly we could hear the piano and violin in the intro, but the bass line sounds a little off. We also noticed that the sound becomes muffled when we put the E6320 in turn due to the placement of speakers in front of the notebook.

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