Graphic Card MSI N560GTX-Ti HAWK Review

Last year, NVIDIA released the GTX 460-series shares, and became an immediate success. While NVIDIA had fought Fermi architecture and chip flow GF100 GTX 480 series cards, have continued to review the overall architecture to better reflect the TSMC 40 nm process. By far the most successful first product based on the rules of the design was revised GTX 460 This chip was the industry by storm and quickly became the go-DX11 card for a new build. Chip gave a performance superior to HD 5770 and even exceeded the oldest and most expensive GTX 285 the previous generation.

The chip was a little himself paralyzed. NVIDIA is still working on abnormalities in the 40 nm process, and part of all the GTX 460 chip has been disabled. Although GTX 460 die had eight Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) blocks, each consisting of CUDA cores 48, one of them was always off. The reasons behind this was due to do with the TDP and get a decent amount of potentially defective cores. By reducing the current number of a block of MS, NVIDIA has been able to improve yields and trays. This enabled the GTX 460 to be the success it was. Even a year after its release, the GTX 460 with a best selling product and is always offered by all major manufacturers that support NVIDIA cards.
Liberalisation of the GTX 560 changed things a bit '. This new card is based on the review of core GTX 460, which is a rebadged version internally as the GF114. These new chips do not block the processing of disability, so that the total number rose to 336 streams 384 core CUDA The redesign has also improved the thermal and power consumption of the chip, so that they can offer higher speeds without significant damage and a TDP of paper. Since the processor will increase more than the surface 1956-1964. ROPS and the logic remains the same. The only real disadvantage of this architecture was the decision to make the memory controller as simple as possible, but still support GDDR-5. Apparently, it takes hard work and also to make the transistor memory GDDR-5 GTPS 5 and above. Although AMD has invested in the work and the budget to drive the upper end of air traffic controllers GTPS 5.2, NVIDIA has decided that their time would be better spent elsewhere addressed the GPU.

Re-designed the chip now works as the older GTX 470, and in fact is the price offered is significantly higher than the average of the GTX 460 is dropped. The paintings are going nowhere $ 230 and $ 290, depending on the time, and postal discounts. At the lower end, is in competition with AMD HD 6870 products, but expensive, is in contrast with the rather intimidating Radeon HD 6950 1GB and 2GB. basic specification is a lively frequency of 822 MHz, but very few leading manufacturers that particular line anymore. GF114 is clocked much higher than the limit without breaking the bank TDP. As you can see, these cards are overclocked editions of the specification really push the limit.

As such, NVIDIA is around 4.0 to 4.2 GTPS with their controller, even when combined with the high rank GDDR-5 memory. It is an improvement of the GTX 460 by 3.6 specification GTPS.

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