gaming mouse mionix naos 5000 review

There is something about the game device makers Sweden. You can get a mouse from SteelSeries and know exactly how he feels and is in the hand that makes a person a liberal democracy in northern Europe. We do not know why, but we know that MIONIX share a sense of clinical accuracy in its 5000 Naos mice.

This is the first time we examined Mionx products as a distributor Anyware just signed on the mark and began to carry the product in the country. But we are happy to see it through our office. Even the packaging is a bonus, a black box and hard magnet with a gatefold set. And the mouse itself corresponds to the expectations set by the package and priced at $ 100.
It is an asymmetrical design is only going to agree on a right-handers, but it is very beautiful. The upper surface and the buttons are covered with smooth black rubber, which feels so tight and fresh attitude. The ergonomic design provides a good resting areas, as well as the thumb and the outer two fingers and hands, so if you roll the mouse point will reduce friction and wear on the skin. There are two buttons on a mouse, buttons, and thumb, and the onboard memory means that the macros you can program the mouse for easy transport. The buttons are good, obedient and easy to use.

Under the mice are hyper-slick four legs that feels soft on any surface, and a unique weight system that lets you place the weights on each side of the laser sensor. If he gets his sense of right mouse is your thing, this is a very good design choice. A painting of 2 meters coiled cable ends in the design of Naos.

The position sensor allows the environment level, and adjust DPI on the fly is easy. However, the sensor is very nervous when taking the mouse up - place the cursor a few inches above the table made our cursor jump, as he was on crack. The large size of the mouse, apparently comfortable, in fact runs counter to the accuracy - at least for small hands. If you have big hands, could be a better fit.

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  1. Did you know the software has a feature to customise the 'Lift Distance'?
    That'll fix your jittery movement (on crack) when you raise it above the mousepad...


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