Gaming laptop PC Samsung RC 710 Review

Laptops largest of its kind ever really look all that elegant, but even taking this into account, RC710 is not what we were witnesses to describe. Cover glossy feel to the touch, but a matte black finish and carbon fiber-style strip to the bottom of the screen near the hinge. Open the lid and met with a rather dull gray-blue, with a slick chrome accent will find many rivals RC710.

Measuring a large 40-411 by 273 mm and weighs just under 3 kg overwhelming, this laptop is truly portable in the sense that it can slip a room in your home. You're certainly not going to have to take with you if you are traveling for business or pleasure.
As with most laptops today, the RC710 uses a remote control. The keys are quite large and there is a generous amount of space between them. This, combined with its rapid action, makes them very quick and easy to write. Not a keyboard on the right side, which can be useful if you're the type who often enter numbers into spreadsheets.

Large, wide trackpad is excellent and it supports multi-touch, so you can pinch your fingers to zoom in on photos and Web sites.

Screen resolution is not flexible to 1080p, a brief stop at 1600 x900 pixel. Consequently, when you play HD movies on Blu-ray, you can not see all the details of the presence of 1080p images. However, the display is very bright, and its glossy coating really helps the colors jump out. It is not as reflective as other glossy screens we have many used.

The RC710 is not very impressive when it comes to the range of available ports. It has four USB ports, but they are all USB 2.0, while many other large notebooks now offer at least one USB 3.0 port, with a combined USB and eSATA. No ExpressCard slot, but at least Samsung has included an HDMI output, along with standard VGA connection. The HDMI port makes it easy to connect your notebook to an HDTV, such as audio and video is made in the same cable.

The RC710 is not at least offer Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0. Its 640 GB hard drive provides ample space for storing media files such as photos and videos, too.

Graphics on the front, the RC710 uses Nvidia GeForce 315M chip. This can be turned off to save energy with the laptop, and then based on Intel integrated graphics in high definition. The 315M only managed to issue a 4174 score in 3DMark06, so it would certainly not be our first choice as a gaming laptop, but will run older games at decent speeds.

Given the size of this laptop is unlikely to be used on the road, which is as good as its battery performance is quite poor. The large clear display and processor Pacey to drain as much as the RC710 only managed to last for 56 minutes in the Battery Eater Classic test very intense before it needs recharging. Most laptops entertainment managed to cross the mark of 1 hour before giving up the ghost.

Samsung RC710 is pretty average. It offers a good display and keyboard, and the processor is very fast. But the design is boring and its gaming performance is quite poor, which limits its appeal, a versatile entertainment machine.

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