Gaming Laptop Asus G73SW-TZ096V

G73SW TZ096V 17.3-inch laptop pc that works on all new Intel Huron River Platform launched at the beginning of January. He enjoys HD plate, Sandy Bridge quad-core Core i7, the ability of Nice, and high-speed hard disk dedicated high-performance Nvidia graphics card.

It is one of the first phones to run a market in Huron River, the new Intel platform. Not surprisingly in a quad-core processor and Sandy Bridge in particular, the Core i7-2630QM, together with the 4 GB of RAM on board performance guarantees operation in almost all situations. It is also particularly suitable for multimedia work of video editing and photo with her four types of editor of hearts.

And since the processor is a quad-core Sandy Bridge, includes a portion of the integrated Intel GMA 3000 HD, unlike the Clarksfield quad-core CPU and platform Calpella.
However, Asus is not part of this model with technology Optimus Nvidia should come up automatically in real time, Intel GMA HD 3000 and GeForce GTX 460 m, and this is to save energy and greater autonomy.
It ranks among the mobile graphics cards the most powerful in the moment and can not play without a care in the game, even more greedy 3D resources. They may require adjustment of levels of detail, or resolution of the plate.

Self-display high-resolution HD format and features two 16/9th ideal way to enjoy high-definition video, and the lack of unity, Blu - Ray is, therefore, all the unfortunate. If this definition of a Full HD multimedia delight fans, and simply for those who enjoy a wide area of ​​work and leisure.

The storage space is allocated to a hard drive that offers a great capacity of 750 GB of storage. It proved fast because it operates at 7200 rpm against 5400 RPM generally making the system even more responsive. Notice that this notebook can be equipped with two disk units maximum.

Connectivity, which is very correct, as found modules, Bluetooth and Wi - Fi n, 4 USB ports 1 USB 3.0 and VGA video output and HDMI 1.4, a standard capable of transmitting 3D unlike HDMI 1.3 feed. Injury to find e-SATA port.

Finally, given its weight and dimensions, this model should really be done during the day with itself.


  1. ASUS G73SW-A1 Republic of Gamers 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop (Black) by Asus

  2. I'm very happy with this machine. No BSODs or system errors of any kind so far. The NVIDIA video card seems to be doing a very good job. All of the drivers on the machine and on the DVD are current, so I only had to update Windows 7. The keyboard will take some getting used to, that's all.


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