external blu ray writer Lite-On eHBU212 review

External optical discs tend to cost a little more than their national counterparts. This is confirmed by the disk, with capacities almost identical to the Lite-On  iHBS212 and iHBS112, but with a suggested retail price of almost twice the domestic versions, to give more convenience laptop.

Some of the difference can be explained by the fact that it combines with a Windows PC with USB 3.0.
The ability to simply remove the Lite-On eHBU212 and go through another computer might be useful, even for 15-20 minutes or so to install the necessary throughout the world, but a well-designed software Cyberlink Blu-ray impair spontaneous fast setup.
The Lite-On is very elegant eHBU212, though vaguely old when he and a brilliant, high-tech Plextor PX-LB950UE.

Lite-On eHBU212 The specifications are essentially the same as those found in the iHBS212 and iHBS112 models. Rated speed of 12 write-once BD-R is the biggest attraction, and the Lite-On eHBU212 here manages to fly through tests, copying our 22GB test file in 15 minutes and 27 seconds.

External drives have never been so fast, and in this case - despite the higher speed of USB 3.0 vs. SATA - it was placed about 10-30 seconds for the best internal versions.

This gives you a wider choice of interfaces eSATA USB 3.0 and more available on the Lite-On. However, USB 3.0 is so transparent that you might want and seems faster in practice than eSATA, then you probably do not miss having a USB 3.0 option.

Lite-On eHBU212 properties do not change much as the Plextor. Both drives are HP's LightScribe system, which is a bit 'tricky, but it is an effective way to add images to surfaces, especially designed for CD and DVD blank.

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