The Toshiba S2101-DX1215, a PC all-in-one desktop with a 21.5-inch touch screen. It's basically like Toshiba engineers, said: "We go to a high-end all-in-one with a big screen in the investigation." They succeeded. Unfortunately we can not say the touch screen interface, which seems an afterthought. This office will appeal to those who are adamant about the quality of the screen and I think the screens of all the other-in-one PC pixelated. Screen Images DX1215-S2101 is so nice he wants to "reach out and touch." Just be sure to use a mouse and keyboard to interact with him instead of the touch screen.

The DX1215-S2101 is certainly an interesting all-in-one PC has a style similar to Sony VAIO PCV-L212FX / B both appear bright black-sized TVs HD with a silver foot in two parts of the support base. The system hangs above the work surface, and also gives you a place to put the keyboard when not in use. The DX1215-S2101 is relatively thin, with a 21.5-inch screen. While the screen is smaller than the 23-inch screen is on the Dell Inspiron 4429MSL IO2305-A,  the screen of the DX1215-S2101 looks smaller, even when two are placed next other.
DX1215-S2101 with the 1TB drive and 4GB of RAM, a fairly standard these days. Is it really necessary to wait for this information, when you're spending more than $ 700 computer. The desktop has a DVD burner, which is quite mandatory, but it's a shame that Toshiba does not add the Blu-ray, HDTV tuner or to expand its excellent visualization. Sure, you can add an external player via HDMI, but it's kludgy solution to a simple problem. It 'best to use the HDMI set-top box, or use it as a new desktop or laptop on the road: This will allow you to expand the investment you have made the screen. Speaking of problems, although I am happy with the wireless keyboard and mouse, the keyboard has a little 'something to be desired. The keys are too smooth, too smooth, and feel soft and have a limited amount of key travel, when you write.

The keyboard can be uncomfortable if you're used to the full-size keyboard. The system comes with four USB 2.

Dell and Gateway 4429MSL IO23025 ZX6961-UB20P have larger screens and better interfaces for touch. All three 1TB hard drives and powerful processors, but Dell IO23025 4429MSL-HD is a true consumer device, multiple video-in HDTV tuner and Blu-ray. DX1215-S2101 can only praise the HDMI and USB 3.0. In this configuration, the screen has nothing to Toshiba, which threatens the HP TouchSmart 310-1125y as our choice of the publisher of mid-range all-in-one desktop. Basically, DX1215-S2101 is a beautiful, a bit 'strong all-in-one desktop, but it feels tacked on features touch almost indifferently.

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