Acer Predator G5910 is a package that you select quad-core Intel Core i5 and i7, up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, up to eight terabytes of uncompressed hard disk space changed in two places of work, 12 in a card slot 10:00 Memory Fully USB 2.0 ports, a handle and folded back the cover to maintain control cable. Even better, if you go to K-series of processors, you can overclock the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

Impressed? I sure was. It's a lot of juice is in this machine, and is considering even got a handle on the back for extra support, you will be able to take with you all the best competitions and show people what the end are in place, so to speak. It is clearly oriented towards the gaming crowd, but unlike gaming laptops, you will not have enough to pay the premium price.
In fact, UK consumers can get their hands from this July and spend a huge £ 599 for one of them, or right around $ 968 U.S.. I'd love to have taken one of these myself and see how it works, but judging by the spec list seems sure to be a very powerful piece of equipment.

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  1. Looks very sturdy and powerful ready for heavy duty, and handle on the back is enough to indicate the weight. As big as it looks the price, $968 certainly is also a hefty amount. I'm impressed with Acer Predator G5910.


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