desktop computer Dino PC Maxosaur 2600K review

Dino PC Maxosaur 2600K is a little different from the competition. He has a huge 27-inch Iiyama, which is one of the best screens we've seen presented with a PC graphics. Its full HD resolution, screen size and generous height adjustable stand makes it ideal for playing games and watching movies in comfort.

Dino PC Zalman More Maxosaur 2600K Z9 sports event a distinctive group asymmetrical front, above which comes on a screen of temperature and fan speed controller - features for the balance of cooling and noise in overclocked systems. Noise is also reduced by the rubber mounts on the hard disk. However, Zalman quality control is poor, with the main switch often stick.
As you might guess from the name of  Maxousaur 2600K , Dino PC is an Intel Core i7-2600K. Its performance was slightly behind the competition in WorldBench 6, where the Maxosaur scored 169 points by being quick.

A standard 8 GB of RAM leaves two free slots for upgrades, while the 60 GB SSD Full Force Corsair PC Dino Maxosaur 2600K Disk 2 TB large. Two scanners come with a Blu-ray, and a pair of external speakers and a subwoofer.

PC Dino Maxosaur 2600K GTX 570 nVidia GeForce graphics card offers excellent gaming performance, but much slower than the GTX 580 Chillblast selected for its melting Omega.

The 2600K Maxosaur also disappointed by the PC motherboard Dino bad decisions. The P8P67 LA lacks many features of this 'Pro' from Asus, including support for advanced SLI and overclocking. In a system of fans at this price, there is no good reason to opt for this discount card.

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