For 650D, Corsair has taken the courage of his mid-600T tower chassis and marry them with the appearance of the series Obsidian full towers, a customer move (and we) have prayed for years. The steel frame has a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel with a fan filter and a removable mesh rectangular plate, push-down that gives you quick access to three USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks standard.

Platform, which is painted matt black and the size, are actions of a fan than 20 cm, 20cm front fan and the 14cm exhaust fan, even if it is forced to mount the fan, because there are two holes up to 12 cm or fan 14cm, or 240 mm if the radiator coolant is your cup of tea.  In addition: a sliding panel to reveal the dock down SATA.
The 650D, like its predecessors spiritual, the 800D and 700D, seems out of his way to remind you that simple is better. The four optical drive bays and six 3.5-inch drive trays are no tools, and two discs of three trays are removable. The plastic trigger mechanisms in cages threw us off a little at first, but we found them to be easy to use, when we started to build. The hard disk platters, in particular, had the perfect amount of flexibility without feeling cheap.

Our test build with the 650D is a no brainer. Steel side panels pop off right with a set of locks, and had no problems sitting comfortably GPU 12.2 inches. The eight PCI expansion slots are available slots in the case are not without tools. Cable routing was a breeze, with eight rubber washer 650D issues, including the practice of cutting the upper left corner of the box to connect the 8-pin ATX power cables. And do not worry, you will be able to ogle a very well organized with great guts, great window in the left pane.

The motherboard tray supports ATX and microATX that is large enough, and has a huge dish of cut. Corsair 650D is an elegant, sophisticated and very accessible which is easy on the eyes and the wallet. For $ 200 you get a case that is technologically up to par, while sleek and stylish to boot. All we can ask the fans are part of our contribution to build a test in a little warm.

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  1. The steel frame and the aluminum front panel is making the 650d look very, very sturdy and I like this look. The features sounds interesting but I'd better have a closer look if I am to purchase it. At $200 it sounds well worth.


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