Wireless-N Router Cisco-Linksys E4200 review

As the number of digital Doodad scattered around my house to continue to proliferate, my poor old wireless router is overloaded and increasingly erratic, not to mention disruptive. resets daily pain network has unfortunately become an integral part of my life.

So you can imagine how eagerly I was the PR person for a sub-brand of Cisco, Linksys, contacted me and offered new E4200 wireless router. Linksys bumpf marketing speaks to the E4200 as the "maximum performance of the router. my inner gadget jaded reviewer may initially be snarled even more hype hyperbole loads of PR, but in the end E4200 demonstrated that it is wrong.
Perhaps the killer feature in the E4200 was 5 and wireless support 2Ghz. In essence this means that the E4200 can play well in environments where there is a mix of wireless devices. With older, single-band routers, fast 802.11n gadgets must coexist with wireless idle, which is most often fall back to lower speeds wirelessly.

Dual-band goodness aside, the E4200 is also well stocked with plenty of other interesting features such as USB storage network, the ability to configure customer accounts and Cisco Connect application that has greatly simplified the implementation process of initial installation.

Linksys E4200 certainly win points for looks. Where most routers usually come from "too many times to hit a bad stick of" School of Design, E4200 seems a bit 'more designerish Bang & Olufsen gear. Although my current router is a beast shouting that I found is hidden from view, E4200 is sleek, curvy shape is easy to be stylish enough to display.

Pivoting around presentations E4200 four Ethernet LAN and a WAN port.

All Gigabit Ethernet ports can be done, so wander around 1000 Mbps data zippy (ideal for distributing high definition content). There is also a button to configure Wi-Fi Protected Service (WPS), and a reset button. There is also a USB port to connect an external hard drive that the E4200 will be available to share all networked computers. The inclusion of WPS is a jewel, and that makes it easy to quickly connect WPS gadgets to the E4200 with the touch of a button, and storage networking has been helpful beyond measure.
Where most routers together a series of flashy lights on their foreheads, Linksys has wisely chosen to limit things to a single white light (located under the Cisco logo) that flashes only when there is a network problem or E4200 is increasing.

Just a pleasure to set up a router is usually an experience similar to a root canal surgery. Fortunately for E4200 series has been fairly painless, thanks to a large part of Cisco Connect. After connecting the Ethernet cable and firing, E4200, I was completely up and running in less than five minutes. Not too stressful, and certainly not bad.

Adding user accounts are smart enough because it gives E4200 to an Internet connection to share with visitors without providing access to anything on your LAN.

Equally interesting is the possibility of sharing the contents of an external USB hard drive, Limited user account. The E4200 also supports UPnP, so that content can be streamed to other compatible UPnP devices.

Robust, content filtering, parental control is also included, which allows parents to control how computers can access the online sites. With a violation of copyright soon become a crime punishable by law, the parents' access to control functions could be a boon for parents worried about wayward teens visit The Pirate Bay for a spot of looting Torrent .

In trial E4200 5GHz able to crank through a bladder 100.1Mbps when my laptop could 802.11n was in the same room. Movement of large pieces to my network drive and surprisingly fast since. Drawing 1.34GB took a surprising 1 minute 22 seconds. Migrating my lappy at the other end of the house, managed a E4200 equally impressive 67.1Mbps.

Because the network storage drive controller E4200 proved to be average at best. Connecting an additional external USB 2.0 hard drive, seemed to be more than a little 'slow, especially compared with my network drive from Western Digital. Transferring large files seemed to take forever and the media are often stopped and stammered.

Linsys've had a lot of good things, we managed to pack a lot of really useful features, and close to the levels of bomb-proof reliability, small box is E4200.


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