Wireless Headset Plantronics Gamecom X95 for Xbox 360

While Plantronics is certainly no stranger to the headphone market, the X95 Gamecom marks the company's wireless business for the first time in the world of console gaming. Created in the early 60's, Plantronics was initially responsible for creating boxes much smaller and lighter than air traffic controllers. From this success, he entered the office space and home to create a wide range of helmets, entry-level and midrange solutions. Besides its great diversity, Plantronics has also begun to create wireless products in the 80's and now offers a wide range of headsets and Bluetooth. With a range of wireless and high-quality now available on Xbox 360, according to the tastes of Turtle Beach, Mad Catz and Razer, the X95 Gamecom faces fierce opposition from established game brands. However, the X95 is priced at £ 79 (RRP), which may become more attractive to players some of the highest quality solutions available today.

The X95 Gamecom was created specifically for the Xbox 360, so unlike some of its competitors, disappointing not double as a headset or PC and PS3 games can be used in VoIP applications like Skype or MSN. In addition to the x95 operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz cordless handset design is identical to the X40 Gamecom cable. The only significant change is that x95 has a mate, no nonsense black design accented by a white border around each of the speakers in the Arctic and logo embossed on the top of the head band Gamecom. The boom microphone is hidden, press against the inside of the headband, and can be folded easily into place, while the volume and microphone controls are conveniently located outside speakers, which means that you can use your thumb to quickly change the volume or mute.
The headband is easy to adjust the sliders on both sides so you can sit comfortably on your head. Both headband and ear cups are cushioned by a soft material that looks very plush and feels almost like a soft comfortable bathrobe. X95 is actually very comfortable to wear even for extended periods. With ear speakers near deep and enveloping without too much pressure, the more I feel light on the headset, it is easy to forget you have them. A small twist of one of the speakers shows a hidden room where you must place two AAA batteries. Based on my first match of using the batteries lasted about seven hours, which is pretty impressive.

In the box you get an installation guide, two AAA batteries, a pair of RCA plugs, USB cable 3.5 mm and wireless transmitter. There is a small amount of tweaking before creating x95, but you should still be operational in a matter of minutes. Wireless USB Adapter slides into the Xbox 360 via USB, and from this small box RCA cables can be "piggy back" in your component cables Xbox 360, moving the back of your TV The good thing about "piggyback" RCA cables is that you can also use a second x95 helmet if you wish. It also means, of course, if you connect your Xbox 360 to your TV via HDMI, you must dig a component cable to use instead, or buy a cable that uses two standard male 3.5 mm headphone jack. It's not quite the end of the implementation either.

X95 is the highlight of the possibility to adjust the game volume and voice chat, independently and intuitively. Placement of the controls outside the headphones do a very simple and quickly adjust volume, mute, and you do not lose too many precious seconds when I saw the game. team games that we can turn the game sounds down on the fly and you feel is a valuable team-mate - it's no wonder that more and more marginal producers also have this feature in their headphones. Although the x95 does not automatically sound when it comes to other players - including some high-end headphones - not a particularly good job, when you use the controls, which is excellent sound clarity of sound in the game is dismissed.

40 mm stereo speakers apparently lacks some of the effects which are placed in a can surround each other, but it gives some of the warm hues and offers a crystal clear voice communication. Although a little 'metal, and sometimes lack bass, x95 works reasonably well, if you're watching a movie, listen to music or play a game. I also saw no evidence of feedback or interference from other wireless devices in my room as my router and your child. Stray outside the room, while the crackling and often in the set, probably due to interference of many other electrical apparatus. However, only when the room is clear and the TV, do not block the sound very well, soaking in the game, while ensuring that you do not lose out sound through headphones.

GameCom x95 is not going to blow you away, or in terms of performance, and attaches to the back burner because of its simple design and very thin, trying to build. However, it is very easy to use, it offers good battery life, decent sound, and feature a very strong ability to adapt to the game and chat volumes independently. As the first console to a wireless headset Plantronics there are some good things to build more in future entries in this particular area for the company. Priced at an affordable £ 50, it is only worth the money if you do not have to shell out money for an expensive gaming headsets - and for sure hell win the official wireless headset.

After pairing the headset with the wireless adapter momnets, it takes only a few - then you have a small cable that runs from the headset to your Xbox 360, which employs micro-enterprises. So really there are many child is considering a wireless solution. However, you can not really blame Microsoft and Xbox Plantronics designed the voice chat to use a patented radio frequency system requires a cable connection.

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