Utilizing Personal computers

These days, it is strange to hear people say. "I am not a computer, as computers have evolved from archaic scientific calculators to simple machines, point-and-click" We believe that today "hui" computer illiterates "are people who have not taken the time to experiment with a machine . And we firmly believe that spending just twenty minutes with one could turn the technology into the caveman more categorical any cat from the ravages of fun planting the Internet today.

Today, just learn to manipulate a mouse, punch a few buttons on a keyboard, or just turn the thing to use a computer. It is difficult for some people to believe, but computers of this generation almost run themselves! For fun, see how little awareness of these U.S. $ thousand machines really need.
Can an absolute beginner run a computer without knowing how to use a mouse or keyboard? Assuming the computer is configured to operate on voice command - you! Voice command software allows users to tell a computer what to do and the computer responds by fulfilling the user commands. Although it is relatively new and still under development, voice directed technology has already infiltrated the systems of services in consumption.

I remember the last time you paid the bill over the phone. Talking to people, chances are you've talked about computers, not just respond to what you said and I followed the instructions you gave, but he has also requested additional information from you such as name or credit card number. In this case, a person (like me) work on your computer without even knowing it!

Can an absolute newbie to sit at a computer without knowing how to use one? Assuming that your computer is configured to work with the touch command - the answer is still yes! Touch command software allows users to literally touch objects on the computer monitor and tell you what to do with your finger. Known as "kiosks," these programs are already in use worldwide at ATM machines, employment centers, and health monitoring systems.

Neither a mouse or keyboard is required. computer user only needs to touch various boxes on the screen to control the computer. Of course, the programming behind such technology is extensive and advanced, but the end user makes using the computer less intimidating and plain simple.

Of course when we talk about how a computer works, imagine that we have more dedication than talking about things on a phone or touch screen. The illustrations above have been few examples of how far computer technology has increased, and how far we pushed the "friendliness" of its limit. Finally, the keyboard and mouse to play a role in computer novices have to work with someone like a cash register of a hotel reservation, or as a system catalog of a library.

These requirements do not make computers easier to use not less, but do not make them much harder than anyone. Both of today's software is designed to accommodate the new user experience that people could connect to the Internet, email, and download an MP3 file in the first five hours to buy a personal computer.

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