Power Supply Enermax MaxRevo 1350W Review

Enermax is heavy with new PSU maxrate specially designed for high performance multi-GPU systems, industrial PCs, workstations and servers. It adheres to strict PSU server, and has six 12V rails to supply power to security and stability in high-end system today with a completely modular design facilitates customized to use different settings GPU devices.

MaxRevo transmission technology integrates copper Bridge Array replace traditional lines, offering four times greater transmission path and shorter, leading to an up regulation of better than 3% ensures system stability and clean DC output quality.
Enermax advanced topology success Modu87 + and Pro87 + series to reduce energy losses and patented high-power density of the magnetic coupling transformer for maximum efficiency and excellent stability kW, which allows power to reach up to 94% power (80 PLUS ® Gold Standard). Maxrate signfies Enermax commitment to lead the industry by supplying innovative and high quality power and comes in a powerful 1350W.

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