photo scanner Rollei PDF-S 300 Pro review

The S 300 PDF-Pro Rollei, Rollei presents a new optimized, all-in-one photo scanner: for those who want not only scan your slides and negatives, but his tracks. The Rollei PDF-S 300 Photo Scanner Pro has a 9 million megapixel sensor and a scan resolution up to 3600 dpi. Photography enthusiasts can go into details. Apart from color negatives, slides mounted in bulk and in 36.5 x 24.3 mm in size, Rollei photo scanner with 2.7-inch (6.85 cm) color LCD screen also seeks photos paper to 10 x 15 cm.

Slides, negatives or photographs are analyzed and displayed in the preview screen in record time of one second. A special Magic Touch technology to remove dust and scratches on scanning slides and negatives with a single touch. PDF Rollei S-300 Pro Photo Scanner is a source of infrared light, which detects and corrects surface imperfections adding to the negative or slide. Rollei photo scanner can be used as a completely independent unit without a computer. Thank you for your SD / SDHC, the images are stored directly to SD / SDHC and can also be easily accessed digital photo frame. Connectivity USB 2.0. The color depth to 10 bits per color channel.
Rollei Scanner PDF-300 offers the image of the photo enthusiast a complete whole, so no additional hardware cost is often needed: a slide holder for four mounted slides, a film holder for film strips with a maximum of six images, a power adapter, USB cable, TV cable and user manual.


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