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The Sony VAIO VGN L218FX with Loadout strong for the big screen with an all-in-one desktop, however, a steep $ 2,049, this PC seems that Sony has bought the parts and pieces of SkyMall catalog. Although we are big fans of this all-in-one, we must say that they offer a set of quite similar functionality, speed and capacity at lower prices.

Filed in this stylish all-in-one computer is one of the newest Intel chips Sandy Bridge, 2GHz Core i7 2630QM processor that offers four physical cores that can jump in eight virtual with Hyper-Threading Intel. automatic overclocking, also known as Turbo Boost, bulk can 2.9GHz CPU with a powerful power if a program or game that requires a lot of juice. These assets, combined with 8 GB of DDR3-677 memory, Sony crammed into L218FX, produces good results on our general criteria.

L218FX We are pleased to offer a score of 116 on our WorldBench 6 test suite. However, this result is 12 to 13 percent behind the performance category of its main rivals, like the HP TouchSmart Quad 610. In addition, the HP 610 for four that we tested is $ 200 less than the Sony system, and has features that correspond more or less.
longer following the tradition of all-in-one PC, we test L218FX is not ideal for playing the current generation of games on its level of 1920 x 1080 pixels. We had to remind our Unreal Tournament 3 tests for a resolution of 1680 x 1050 (high quality) to achieve a playable framerate. But if it's any consolation, the games reference L218FX delivered one of the best results of any all-in-one, we tried, generates 67 images per second. The image quality may suffer slightly because of the sub-sampling, but you will enjoy games more.

Of course, every office of an in-One is not just about raw numbers - it is also the user experience. And in this regard, Sony has planted in L218FX unusual skills. Our favorite? A thick black bezel measures approximately 1.5 inches surrounding the screen width of 24 inches. No, it does not sound cool until you realize that the border itself, is a navigation element: Depending on where you hit the black strip, you can launch applications and perform various functions.

Our main criticism of this new use of space is a memory that is needed to make the best use of the function. The L218FX offers nothing to say what might happen when you touch a part of the deck - just need to know.

The screen quality is high: We enjoyed the saturation and contrast L218FX supply, making detailed to watch movies on the computer with built-in Blu-ray combo. The multi-touch is a bit prone to reflections in the wake of its glossy surface, something to consider when you are positioning this team in an office or living room. Our only complaint is that the white level of the display could be brighter and the look is not enough to affect the perception of detail in the scenes, but a small objection to our use of the system.

As for the all-in-one integrated in the sound, two words come to mind: I liked it. We enjoyed the overall consistency of sound between its top and bottom - at the top as well as background sounds and even has a little fun in that generally lacks all-in-one desktop speaker setup. Even better, the acoustics of the beautiful L218FX wrapped as if in the midst of a bandshell. It is often difficult for an all-in-one to provide good sound quality in general, but the L218FX not disappoint in the slightest.

The L218FX comes with connectors for an all-in-one desktop. A multiformat card reader connects two USB 3.0 ports on its side with a mini-FireWire 400 and a pair of headphones and microphone. The back of L218FX offers three USB ports, a coaxial cable input for TV tuner, Gigabit Ethernet , entrance and exit ports HDMI and composite video. The band allows L218FX rear connections to become a full-fledged television, becoming a mere display of a connected device, or something to use between the two. It comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The Sony VAIO PCV L218FX offers an excellent combination of characteristics, provided that is used for all. If you can stomach a decrease of 1 TB of space, the HP TouchSmart 610 Quad  is far more convincing, since it also offers high image quality, the Blu-ray, and a large number of connections on the side . The L218FX is a great system, make no mistake - just wish it was economic, as well.

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