Notebook pc Sony Vaio VPC-SB1V9E/B review

Sony is a company that has always stood out to create a stylish and small laptop computer packed with the latest kit, so it's no surprise that the new Vaio is able to mount an optical drive, full power 2 i5-generation processor core, a 500GB hard disk and graphics card, it becomes a thing, which is only 26 millimeters thick and weighs only 1.8 kg.

The SB1 has a pedestrian, the functional design of the exterior with a black lid finish matte gray magnesium alloy. Apart from a headphone port hidden in the back left corner, all ports strung along the right side - a bit annoying if you use a remote control, mouse right. The left side holds the optical drive, but the eject button is located above the keyboard where it is more readily available.
Open the lid to reveal a minimalist design, as well as the display and keyboard panel frame of aluminum to keep weight down and a cold metal is comfortable on the wrists while typing. The keyboard sits on a low, concave indentation in the metal panel: the buttons are individual and has a nice, light good action feedback from the touch-typists.

Great touchpad is located below. E 'smooth and responsive, and includes both vertical and horizontal scroll areas and to support some of the gestures, such as rotation and zoom. The two main buttons are a bit 'too much, but if you sit on the edge of the thumb is based on naturally, and there is a fingerprint reader between.

Sony stuck with a standard 1366 x 768 for a 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen. It is evenly lit, but not brilliant, and next to the Samsung screen is fantastic 900X3A dull in comparison. It uses a semi-matte finish, which reduces glare from reflected light, but keeps the key color, but, unfortunately, still suffers from tight angles vertical plaguing many LCD panels.

Performance of the 2, 3 GHz Core i5-2410M has been exemplary, with a total score of 53 in our benchmarks. Turbo Boost grows up to 2.9 GHz processor and a score of 71 in tests of image editing single-threaded, while Hyper-Threading doubles the number of son, so it can handle running multiple programs no problem.

Sony has chosen a dedicated Intel graphics chip, the GeForce 6470M. It's not nearly as fast as a desktop graphics card, but a score of 25fps in Call of Duty 4 means he should be able to handle most games, even if you have to turn the parameters graphics a little too low to get playable frame rates. Meanwhile, AMD's PowerPlay technology means that SB1 goes i5 chipset integrated graphics on battery power.

HDMI connector output audio and video allows for a larger screen or home theater system, and two memory card reader, one of Sony's Memory Stick format, and one of the most common SDHC cards.

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