Notebook pc Samsung NC110-A06AU review

 The Samsung NC110 netbook-A06AU is a really nice and seriously powerful new. Intel Atom N570 processor is currently the most powerful commonly found in netbooks, and although this usually increases the price significantly in this case, it is much cheaper than the other, using only Intel Atom N550.

As mentioned the CPU is the Intel Atom processor N570 (1.66 GHz), which is not a problem with productivity applications. While 1 GB of RAM limits NC110 based multitasking, dual-core processor will be a real possibility. The integrated graphics can give some graphics rendering, but is sufficient for casual games of very low quality.
A 250GB hard drive provides a reasonable, if a small amount of storage that most netbook users should still be quite sufficient. Even if we started to see netbooks high-resolution 10.1in (1,024 x600 resolution) screen is still respected as the NC110 weighs just 1.18kg. Physically, it is also highly portable, measuring just 33.7 mm thick, 179.5 mm in depth and 259 mm in width.

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