Notebook pc Samsung N145 Plus review

The netbook Samsung N145  Plus offers the style you're looking for high-end, but without the high-end price tag. It does not have to worry about reliability. Most of its parts are produced directly by Samsung and made a lot of quality tests. There is no compromise on performance either. You can go quickly using an innovative, fast-start, while the screen 10.1-inch LED-reflection, you can enjoy rich detail and vibrant colors, even in direct sunlight. It also offers a range of 10.0 hours  of battery life. Which is probably good, because it is lightweight and extremely durable and a series of communications and advanced tools for information sharing means that you can not really go ahead and move forward.

Anyone who has been the netbook PC market last year or so I did not find too many surprises when it comes to N145 E Plus powered by an Intel Atom N450. These dual-core chips that moves along the 1, 66 GHz
Pretty standard display is 10.1 inches above an integrated webcam, Windows 7 Starter 32 bit running the program and you have a backup of 1 GB of RAM, the usual assortment of ports and SD card reader.

With the Samsung N145 more you can spend more time emailing, playing games or surfing the web and less time waiting to power up. Thank you to the hybrid sleep, data stored on disk and in memory, if power is suddenly lost all your content awaits you after the restart, just as you left them. And then there is always ready to go.

In a long or short flight from the markets? No problem. Now you can leave the power cable with the N145 Plus. 6-cell battery offers up to 10.0 hours. you can wear all day running. This means you can still send emails and download pictures without having to worry about being arrested. And energy efficient LED technology and optimized processing performance adds to the long term. Go anywhere and do anything.

Moreover, with the N145, which is always less downtime. Share your memories with everyone, without effort. Samsung AllShare allows you to stream video and games, music and photos on your laptop without having to install drivers to consume time. With DLNA devices connected, you can easily see the photos from your camera or play videos from your PC to your TV.

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