notebook pc MSI Wind U160DX review

The wind U160DX is an update of the excellent Wind U160 and we love this new machine is ease of use and portability, but it lacks excitement.

The original U160 us stunned by its excellent battery life, and everything U160DX can not quite compete with the Toshiba NB520-108 Packard Bell Dot SE, we were still happy to almost eight hours of use out of network.

The 1.2 kg weight is extremely light, even if the battery is an awkward pain when tightening the machine in bags.
We found the chassis to be robust, especially the solid cover that protects the screen during transport. Although the sleek black design does not stand out, we liked the pieces of brushed aluminum hinge with integrated power button on a board.

Screen tilts back to a comfortable level, but viewing angles are excellent, so it does not matter. We liked the bright display, which lacks the sharpness Duo Dell Inspiron and the Acer Aspire One 522, but is still not satisfactory busy.

However, like many other netbooks, the Super-TFT glossy coating means you'll be squinting to see outside.
Usability is impressive, thanks to the keyboard, the Society Islands. Keys to the individual through holes cut platform, which separates them well, but dust from entering the bowels netbook.

We have made great writing speeds with minimal errors. The touchpad is also beveled satisfactory response.

As with other netbooks have limited performance. Anyone wishing to check e-mails and edit spreadsheets on the road will be pleased, but multitasking with a variety of applications slows down, and there is no power for gaming or HD video.

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