notebook pc Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220s review

The Lenovo ThinkPad E220 Edge could be an excellent choice for someone looking for a business compact but very capable. Despite its 12.5-inch screen may seem a strange reason compromise between small and large format, in practice, which offers a larger screen, while the experience of slotting in a laptop that is more like a subcompact.

The ThinkPad brand has emerged Edge last year, a line aimed at small redesigned ThinkPad updating the classic look seriously with soft features. The E220 is a refinement and an alternative high-end, edge to edge with a bright screen, better sound, and feel the highest level.
ThinkPad appears to be the subject of a design evolution that seeps slowly into the product line. Edge Series was the beginning of the review of the ThinkPad, the introduction of a new and modern keyboard and touchscreen largest island style, with a slimmer frame. While most new laptops, including ThinkPad X1 also appropriated this new image, we find the Series edge stands a little more relaxed.

In early 2011, we examined the IdeaPad U260, Lenovo laptop with consumer-oriented style with a sleek, 12.5-inch screen, a battery, but disappointing. The ThinkPad E220 Edge offers a new, faster processor, better battery life, and about the same size and feel.

ThinkPad Edge E220s goes from top to bottom and rubber finish which is soft, reminiscent IdeaPad U260, and ThinkPad X1. Chromed plastic lid and borders where the plane of the keyboard, which highlights the curves of the front lip.

Inside, the keyboard part and palm rest seems perfect: keyboard is not completely closed to any edge to edge, but do not waste space, while the palm rest side medium square multi-touch pad clicks. The glossy 12.5-inch glass-covered edge to edge, and it seems strong: This is an overall effect is clean. The E220 Edge is a perfect blend of size and design to the weight class, is the kind of portable, we prefer to carry in our purse on a daily basis.

We're big fans of the ThinkPad keyboard design and Edge E220s  "keyboard feels as good as we remember. Change has raised Lenovo keyboard uses a slightly concave keys, which offer a more focused feel when you write quickly. X1 was similar to the ThinkPad keyboard, that seemed a little sharp, but we found typing Edge E220s is easy, however, backlit keyboard, E220s is a little above the LED light that illuminates the upper eyelid  to illuminate the keyboard and surrounding it is actually a very clever idea mobile car is comfortable, like a book ThinkPads light.

Similarly, improving the design, click on the pad at the edge ThinkPad solve the problem reduces finger space created by the red rubber trackpoint and included discrete buttons. The red knot, a tender perennial ThinkPad is not something I use, but some business travelers rely on it. Now, the space feels more balanced. The soft click-pad and properly discharged click on the bottom areas, but collects fingerprints.

The rest of the interior of E220s Edge is a button-free, except the power button on the top right. Media controls such as volume and screen brightness made with the strip function key on the keyboard, and the activity is canceled and you can press the volume directly.

A 12.5-inch glossy widescreen display, the ThinkPad E220s Edge is pretty standard for the resolution of the laptops of 1366 x 768 pixels, which looks sharper, is screen slightly smaller than it is a 13-inch laptop. brightness of the display is above average, although the viewing angles to degenerate quickly, when the display is tilted too far. Then again, the cover of The Edge E220s only opens about 135 degrees instead of nearly 180 tilts on ThinkPads.


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