Notebook Pc HP Pavilion dv6-6033cl review

The HP Pavilion 6033cl dv6 uses the Intel sand bridge to ensure productivity and impressive multimedia performance, and comes with a relatively large hard drive and a rugged aluminum finish. Although it is not too expensive, this desktop replacement laptop is a bit expensive due to its mediocre feature set and the fact that there are cheaper models out there that offer similar performance and battery life.

The 6033cl dv6 the cover is wrapped in a black brushed aluminum case and has the necessary backlit HP logo. The rounded edges and a mechanism for tight, durable hinge to provide a measure of duration was not found on laptop computers with plastic finishes. A strip of silver trim around the base compliments black, with a faint glow that sets out the points, but not as much as what you get with a glossy finish. The 6033cl-dv6 weighs 5.5 pounds, making it heavier than the Acer Aspire AS5742 6811 , Samsung RV511-A01 and the gateway NV50A02u.
A silver speaker bar placed between the two hinges of the lid is mounted at an angle to help direct sound to the user rather than upward. He is joined by two additional speakers in the bottom of the chassis, and is part of the solution to audio beats, a combination of hardware and software that provides an enhanced sound experience. The sound quality was much stronger than what you get in a laptop two speakers as the Sony VAIO PCV-EA46FM / V, but gives no bass response really necessary to get with an integrated subwoofer.

While the new Intel Graphics GPU HD 3000 is certainly an improvement over the previous GMA HD (i5), it is not sufficient as a gaming solution. This means, however, manages the video with aplomb. The 6033cl-dv6 3DMark06 score of 1878 was roughly in line with and Acer AS5742-6811 (1855) and Dell-15R 2728MRB , but he does much better on the test Crysis low resolution. Still, 17.6 frames per second (fps) at low resolution is not really what we call a playable framerate. MacBook Pro, on the other hand, received 74.8 frames per second, thanks to its Radeon HD 6750 graphics engine.


  1. I own this laptop and i love it!!! it really is the best i've seen because it's so unique and stylish and doesn't look like all the other laptops which look the same and have a plastic finish. i'm a student and i feel proffesional using this laptop because it looks great, it works awesome, the beats audio is all the sound i could ever wish for and the island keybord is very easy and relaxing!

  2. like the above user comment said, i love the professional look of this laptop, much better than most out there right now.


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