notebook pc HP Pavilion dm1-3010AU review

HP Pavilion DM1-3010AU is a 11.6in, netbook 1.5 kg, which is the AMD Fusion platform. It is not your typical netbook, though, and not just a laptop in all respects it is - has a better processor and graphics performance than Atom-based netbook, Intel, and is slightly larger and has better access, but it is not strong as a good 15, 6 laptop. You can use the Pavilion DM1 basic clerical work, social networking, as well as watch videos on television.

Pavilion DM1 reasonably believes that a well built sub-$ 700 laptop - you can not get a lot of movement or cracking in the chassis or the outer ring around the screen and the keyboard seems solid, comfortable typing. In fact, despite the fact that a small laptop, it is a pleasure to type. The buttons are individual and are soft, but the emotional reaction to them. Shift is great and there are no keys in awkward positions. The only thing you have to get used to is the opposite of the importance of buttons: F5, for example, to launch a new web browser tab or window does not refresh the browser window and the other F keys to perform their assigned task, and is not necessary to press the Fn key. This can be translated in the BIOS.
There was a downside to the keyboard of our test model: it was shut down the Windows key, even though it was brand new unit. Press the Windows key did pop off, and we can not do to sit down soon after. It can be a problem in our unit, but in any case should not have happened.

We have a love and hate the touchpad. It is soft and has a large (50x84mm) and responsive. However, the left and right buttons reside under the same importance and are difficult to press. Also, if you hold the button down and drag your finger across the touchpad at the same time, you may need to use two hands, otherwise ago, may not work correctly. This is a small button on the top left of the trackpad, which can be a double recovery, in order to remove the touch pad. This is useful if you find that the touchpad is getting in the way when you write - it just got in the way once, when writing this review and a group of words at the top before I realized what happened.

On the banks, the Pavilion dm1 a standard allocation of ports for a netbook based Fusion: HDMI, USB 2.0 , VGA, headphone and microphone ports. You also get a Gigabit Ethernet port, but what is hidden behind a small door. This coverage can be a bit difficult to open unless you have long nails and strong, but when it is open, you will understand why HP has taken the trouble covering the Ethernet port - there seems little strange and it lies at an angle compared to other ports. To complete the list of features Pavilion Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth and a webcam. It has no USB 3.0, which is something that is present in other laptops based Fusion, we have seen, such as MSI U270 and Dell Inspiron M102z.

One thing we love is designed by the light of the status Pavilion. They are small and located outside of the road. In addition, they are not very bright. This means that the lights of the device will not be annoying when you use the laptop at night. The location of light on the hard disk on the side of the chassis, instead of at the top is quite brilliant.

When using the DM1 Pavilion at the knees for a long period of time, not feel much heat at all - unless you block the vent on the left side through which the powerful fan draws hot air. This fan is audible at all times, and it becomes very difficult when the processor is running at full capacity. Many people have said how difficult it was in our tests. Using the laptop on a desk, you can feel the vibration of the fan in the chassis.

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