Notebook pc hp mini 210 hd pink review

Enter the 210 HP Mini In many ways it is a fairly standard netbook. It is powered by a single-core processor Atom, clocked at 1.66 GHz and packs a single gigabyte of RAM. There is no discrete graphics, Intel GMA only 3150, still kicking. It will be interesting to see how the Atom processor in the HP Mini 210 deals with competition from AMD Fusion APU new single-core.

When the same story from many hardware Atom netbook, the HP Mini 210 is a reliable quality of your call. Technical challenges netbooks should not be underestimated. I'm at least the same respect for a company that fits comfortable keyboard is a 10-inch netbook, why not for a company that is excellent for the GPU, 17-inch laptop. It is equally difficult, and the stakes are higher. Since most of the netbook are similar facilities, the quality of design and interface is all that separates them.
The HP Mini 210 is immediately recognizable as a netbook, even without another laptop nearby to compare. The 10.1 "screen, requires the use of a small frame, and the size is a feature that is impossible to miss. It is only exaggerated by the HP design, with its strong emphasis on the curves. There is no battery waste are trunk here, nor any attempt to make the Mini look bigger than it is. This little netbook is comfortable with its smallness. Although the HP Mini 210 toys look like, I found the HP Mini 210 appeal general - is a well that does not seem netbook, despite its size, but rather because of it.

Like many netbooks, the HP Mini 210 is not oblivious to the fact that buyers often want to spice up your little netbook computer. The review unit we received came with a bright red cover with a matte finish forgivably. A number of other options available, including pink, blue, and even a final checkered HP calls "Ice Berry." HP customize the colors a little further than most competitors, however, covering the top and bottom of the netbook in the chosen color.

Opening the HP Mini 210 has an interior that requires experience design clear the rest of the line HP. The inside is entirely matte silver plastic with the exception of material around the screen is glossy black. Although there is no use of metallic or soft-touch to spice up the HP Mini 210 of the Interior, I do not expect at this price point. The plastic is solid and every bit of available space is used to its potential, which already puts the HP Mini 210 ahead of many competitors.

The chassis of the HP Mini 210 feel strong, even for a netbook. The curves of netbooks are broken by a panel of some shortcomings and there is no flex to be anywhere except the cover of the screen that allows a small amount of movement when pressed . No other side has no place in the design of this netbook, making access to hard disk and RAM initially confusing. It can happen, but by removing the battery and pressing a button below. The bottom cover comes off to reveal the entire bottom of the netbook, which makes the HP Mini 210 incredibly easy to upgrade.

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