notebook computer Dell AX-3600GSL Adamo XPS review

 Dell XPS Adam was a great fanfare a courtesy little 'back of a slim design and high-end. Year or so, and the laptop is in love, so it's a good option for people trying to do affordable style statement.

Unfortunately, Dell has cut some corners to make this concept of the machine.

Dell has adopted a unique approach to design. You can open a laptop with a finger brush border of the lid, which opens it. As you lift the keyboard, the screen folds of withdrawal (flush with the panel), where it is parked. Action works well and feels good to use.
Once opened, the keyboard is hinged at the bottom of the screen, but it is really high from the desk, causing a vacuum to form a wedge under the laptop. In theory this should make it easier to cool the air around the laptop, but the car was still surprisingly warm.

13.4 inches screen, 1366 x 768 pixels. It is a light shade and detailed, but very little green, that is how the HP EliteBook 2540p, not suitable for multimedia work.

graphics performance is also poor, and was limited to the use of the media rather than create.

A 128 GB hard drive will also mean you have to periodically move data on an external hard drive.

It 's important not to criticize, not something Dell is not even supposed to be. It is designed for the concept of high-end ultraportable, and at this level, it can be done - largely thanks to the incredible design.

Unfortunately, the performance and battery life is death, but that can not be a problem for everyone.

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