Toshiba NB520-108 is designed to break this trend of expert speakers sound designer Harman / Kardon, and the result is surprisingly good.

Toshiba is too blunt design with dark brown cap and internal blacks. We found no 1.3kg chassis flex, which, fortunately, is not prone to collect dirt or wear brands.

The battery adds a few pieces of additional width, if this netbook is as thick as the MSI Wind U160DX, but that is inserted into bags without too much trouble.

Despite initial skepticism, we were really impressed by the netbook speakers that produce a loud and clear. The music sounds good, even if the speakers are located in the palm rest so your hands, cover them when you write.
In combination with the bright and colorful, this netbook is not a bad way to enjoy movies. However, note that there is no DVD drive, like most other netbooks, so you have to complete all the media on the hard disk of 250GB.

The performance is just average with a standard Intel Atom N550 proved to be adequate for word processing, Web browsing and similar tasks. But what netbook ten hours of battery life that will please keep you going over the same tedious long-haul flights.

Integrated graphics will be competently managed multimedia applications such as basic photo editing software reduced. Video editing and even watch movies in high definition is beyond the netbook, and those who need this level of graphics power should consider the Acer Aspire One 522 in place.

Usability is a pretty decent business with the keyboard, which extends the entire width of the frame. The only problem is space, which is printed on the bottom of the center for registration.

The touchpad is very compact and very responsive, with two separate buttons on the left and right mouse button.

Three USB ports let you connect external devices like external mouse, and one of them supports standby and load. A VGA port can be used to set the netbook to a TV or monitor.

The wireless network is supported via Wi-Fi 802.11n, and there is an Ethernet port to physically connect to a network.

NB520 netbook-108 is a very small, with a very impressive battery life and surprisingly powerful speaker. The only oddity we found space temperamental.

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