Netbook pc Asus Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 review

Certainly clear action and edgy lines reminiscent of a supercar. Available in black or white, VX6 mixing plastic with a sturdy metal frame, making it one of the most difficult we have seen netbooks. It is as bright as a freshly polished Diablo.

Like many modern laptops, the Lamborghini gets a Chiclet-style keyboard. However, it is not particularly successful in the scale of netbooks, with nearly full-size keys together to write very efficient. A summary palm rest is a bit difficult to get the right angle for typing, and we find the combination of this and the awkward angle side with the excavation of the points on the edges of the palm of your hand. As usual, Asus has
scattered the special function keys across the keyboard, some in the function keys, some in the bottom row, with the space bar to control the Asus Super Hybrid Engine power management tools. The dual cursor keys control the media, the simplification of work with full-screen movies.

Again, as usual with Asus, there are two power buttons, one to the right of your Windows experience normal, and one to the left of the Asus ExpressGate quick boot Linux environment. It can be a bit confusing at first - the icons of the two boot options are very similar at first glance. Lamborghini fires are under the trackpad, which makes them difficult to see (and use). A single button on the trackpad small and smooth functioning reasonably well, even if the case is not as favorable as other touchpads. The trackpad itself is used Synaptics multi-touch device with support for one or two finger gestures - and the three complex finger movements normally found on larger trackpads. We recommend you stick to the traditional rolling techniques - there is not much room to zoom pinch, let alone a three finger flip.

Lamborghini comes with a lot of ports. The larger battery means that they are all on the sides - VGA, HDMI and USB 2.0 to the left and two USB 3.0 ports on the right, with Ethernet, and headphone and microphone: a great choice for a netbook. There is also a memory card slot on the left.

We are generally satisfied with the netbook screens. They are often unusual decisions, or the use of screens and more, cheaper VGA Harken back to days. It is not the case with the Lamborghini, which manages to squeeze a 1366 x 768 display in its form factor of 12.1 inches. It is good enough for 720p HD video, and for most video streaming services. Do not expect the quality of some of the latest LED screens, but what you get is better than average with reasonable contrast and good response in fast action scenes. There is also a good set of speakers, Bang & Olufsen ICEpower designed. The sound quality is good, with little or no distortion. Quiet rooms are bright, while sections of charge to play with sufficient volume.

Lamborghini is not a name you normally associate with netbooks, and we're not quite sure why this model will be leased. Whatever you call it, it is a hyper-threaded dual core Atom with only 2 GB of RAM and an Nvidia graphics accelerator ION. Storage is adequate, with 250 GB hard drive. Performance, while reasonable, is still a netbook, with a significant delay when you use certain processor-intensive applications.

You will not even get GPU acceleration with ION, which is essentially an H.264 accelerator - if you have great video but poor performance on the GPU-accelerated software as HTML5 in Firefox or Internet Explorer 9, make it difficult to benefit the next generation of software. At least Asus provides Windows 7 instead of Home Premium Edition and the battery life is reasonable. We got over 4 hours with Wi-Fi and general browsing and some streaming video and audio on a march over medium heat.

The software package is surprisingly light, Microsoft Office, and Windows Live Starter WorkCentre 2009 pieces of equipment to maintain synchronization of data between desktop, Syncables. Asus has not forgotten its roots in the netbook market, and there is also a full line of tools Eee, including tools to ensure that all drivers are current.

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