Eee PC 1015PEM extends its struggle for both laptop and tablet that combines high performance and small footprint and impressive battery life.

The netbook is an interesting team, Available in white, black, blue and bright red - with a small but comfortable keyboard and a glossy, matte screen.
Touchpad is a highlight individuals. Flush with the left wrist and is defined only by two thin metal strips, it works well and contributes to the sensation of a machine that has been manipulated rather than collected.
Connectivity in the 1015PEM is complete. Both Wi-Fi radios and Bluetooth are included and there is a clear difference back to the SD card - ideal for downloading photos from a digital camera without USB cable. This netbook is also one of the first to fly the new USB 3.0 standard that promises data transfer speeds 10 times faster than USB 2.0. A utility even allows you to charge your cell phone or iPod, while the netbook is turned off - useful for anyone who likes to travel light.

Battery life is good, at least six hours of heavy use no less than 12 hours when using a word processor. E 'can extend battery life even further, using the call feature in Asus Eee Super Hybrid Engine, which allows you to limit the performance eke out every drop of power.

After all, the 1015 is a great machine Wee, deftly balance of portability, power and battery life to appeal to the widest possible market. For those who need a full set of Windows to the extent that is hard to fault.
Little has changed since then in the next generation Atom processor N450 Netbook arrived on the scene in early 2010, which explains the emergence of dual-core Atom netbooks merits some interest. unipolar netbooks have always lacked punch in attack tasks as a laptop-sized can, especially when it comes to multitasking. The dual-core Atom N550 at the Asus Eee PC offers slightly 1015PEM performance without causing extra strain on battery life.

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