motherboard Gigabyte GA P67A UD7 B3 review

Sure, you can buy a motherboard budget, a fall, in conjunction with high-end graphics card, and get good enough game shows on one screen, even if you have an ultra high-resolution 30-inch.

Nvidia NF200 chip as foster broadband, Gigabyte makes this board a van better than most for use with multiple graphics cards. You can configure the P67A-UD7-B3 with two or three graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire mode, and two maps will be more-PCI Express (PCIe) x16 bandwidth, with the third card operates at x8 PCIe speed.
If you want to build a platform with the ability to run the games of today most demanding full detail and resolution settings possible The P67A-UD7-B3 is a great base. With a wide range of SATA and USB ports, and is a good thing for a very high standard.

The shape of vanilla, P67 chipset, the burden on the limitations of bandwidth, if you install multiple graphics cards. When you run two graphics cards together, just run the PCIe x8 bandwidth, and even if the motherboard is a real place that can take a third card, it runs much slower speed x4, if it works at all. P67A-UD7-B3 is also around this card with Nvidia NF200 chip, which allows full three-way SLI and CrossFireX-operation. The Council has four physical PCIe x16, two of which operates at full bandwidth x16, x8 and two support bandwidth. You also get two PCI slots, and a little 'profit PCIe x1 slot we mentioned above.

If you're looking to maximize video performance, several graphics cards, or if you want to use more high-bandwidth PCI Express, P67A-UD7-B3 is a well-equipped office. And a wide range of ports to support up to six SATA devices 6Gbps and easy overclocking, the board is an excellent high-end of the public.

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