Motherboard Foxconn Quantum Force Rattler P67 Review

Line Foxconn Quantum Force mother suffered a great deal of controversy and confusion since the days of fever and blood BlackOps, and while the brand survives we are often asked the question. "Will there be another?"

In terms of market positioning plate Quantum Force base were never designed to be super high-end products, but rather the fan base plate class that are reasonable in their design. Salas said to offer what you need depending on what chipset and processor platform can offer.

In this review we look at the provision of P67 Foxconn Quantum Force called Rattler. Rattler provided some special features to enhance the pleasure of overclocking, but only in the capital, providing the essential elements needed to buff system. Most of the great overclocking systems adhere to this model, and varying degrees of success.
Let's face it the beginning of Sandy Bridge was never intended to be a powerhouse of amateur, but because of price and performance of the system can be difficult to ignore. There are basically two types of Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 processors of the new Core architecture "K" is available in some parts of the layer i5 and i7.

Out of the box of 1155 BLCK is limited which means that all system clocks are linked, and depending on your motherboard can cause the system to hang around, even with a 1MHz overclock. series processors "K" To avoid this limitation by allowing you to freely adjust the CPU multiplier. These are the "K" processor that triggered the passionate movement of Sandy Bridge, and there is a movement, you can find special game boards.

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