Motherboard Biostar TA880GB HD review

The TA880GB, a cat-end microATX motherboard for AMD AM3 Biostar, based on the AMD 880G chipset with four memory sockets and HDMI output.

Chipset AMD 880 g is based on the Radeon HD 4250 graphics engine, which is a slower version of the graphics engine used on the AMD 890GX . Usually AMD 890GX SB850 uses South Bridge chip (which supports SATA-600 ports), while South Bridge AMD SB710 880g using media as ports SATA-300. Though some motherboards AMD 880g Nørrebro combine with SB850 south bridge, using the standard TA880GB + SB710 South Bridge.

AMD chipsets have a feature called SidePort, an optional memory chip soldered to the motherboard to provide dedicated video memory for the graphics chip. The motherboard has described this feature.
The AMD 880G Northbridge chip has 22 PCI Express x1 (the same number used in the AMD 890GX chipset and AMD 870), lanes with seven other inmates for their control. The Biostar TA880GB + comes with a PCI Express x16 and two PCI standard. If a dual video card slot is installed in the PCI Express x16, that "killing" one of the PCI standard.

AMD processors have integrated memory controller, ie it is a chipset, processors, and not to determine which techniques of memory and the maximum amount of memory can be. Motherboard may be, however, the amount of memory can be installed.

Currently, the integrated memory controller processor socket AM3 will support DDR3 memory at 1333 MHz dual-channel architecture. But according to Biostar, the TA880GB + supports DDR3 memory up to 1600MHz by overclocking. This motherboard has four DDR3 slots, and since each module can have DDR3 memory up to 4 GB each, you can have up to 16 GB.

For optimum performance, you must install both two or four memory modules for dual-channel architecture.
The TA880GB + Biostar motherboard is Socket AM3 value that can be an attractive option for users who want to build a PC very entry level and do not mind not having the latest technologies like USB 3.0 and SATA -600.

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