motherboard Asus Sabertooth Sandy Bridge P67 review

motherboard manufacturers talk a big game when it comes to component quality and durability. Trust me, I sat all the information sessions. Each Board of capacitors, coils, and MOSFET are of high quality. These components were selected because they offer superior durability and reliability, of course, overclocking.

Unfortunately, these arguments are a bit 'difficult to determine. Overclock CPU is largely limited, at least outside the realm of liquid nitrogen, and the results are relevant to the sustainability of the test would not make sense, when they decided to publish. Sustainability argument rings particularly hollow when the warranty on the motherboard typically exhausted after three years. Premium graphics cards, power supplies and hard drives have at least five years of warranty.
Asus has decided to embark on the road last year when he announced a new line of motherboards TUF-branded, led by Sabertooth X58. In addition, sporting only the best electronic components, these cards are supported TUF five-year warranty, something unheard of in the market desktop mobo.

The blatant use of a single parent, PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller held in the X58 Sabertooth back of true greatness. However, the exclusive focus of the board had a certain attraction for professionals and PC enthusiasts with more sensitivity to the old school. Now there's a saber tooth built for Sandy Bridge, and error-free versions Intel P67 chipset B3 stepping are finally available. Now see some cats new tricks Asus has up his sleeve.

Motherboard manufacturers talk a big game when it comes to component quality and durability. Believe me I attended all the briefings. Each council capacitors, inductors and MOSFETs are of the highest quality. These components were chosen because they offer superior durability and, of course, more reliable overclocking.

Unfortunately, these claims are somewhat difficult to quantify. CPU overclocking is limited to a large extent, at least outside the field of liquid nitrogen, and the results of durability tests would not be significant relevance, as they were in a position to publish. The sustainability argument sounds particularly hollow when the mother of typical collateral exhausted after only three years. graphics cards first class, power supplies, hard drives and offer five or more years of warranty.

Asus has decided to go the tour last year when he announced a new range of branded motherboard TUF Sabertooth led by X58. Besides sporting the best electrical components, these tips TUF backed with a five year warranty, something unheard of in the office market mobo.

The extreme use of a single Gigabit Ethernet controller PCI-based X58 with the back of Sabertooth true greatness. However, the unique approach of the Commission was certainly appeal to professionals and PC enthusiasts with the feelings of the old school more. Now there is a Sabertooth built for Sandy Bridge, and versions with bug-free B3 Intel P67 chipset deepening is finally available. Let's see some new stuff cat Asus has up his sleeve.

Or a shroud. This new family of Sabertooth wearing Thermaltake Armor, a plastic film to improve the cooling efficiency in certain circumstances. Add to that in a moment.

At first glance, the armor provides a distinctive look saber tooth very rare in a world of imitation card designs. It adds a special forces on the verge of a stealth army camouflage color palette. The aesthetic result is a refreshing departure boards and blue accents that infuse the current culture of P67 similar products. I have to give Asus credit for not going overboard and paint the steel with a camouflage pattern.

Asus has had the intelligence to keep the armor of the road, too. Plug into the socket a bit, but it is less than 15 mm in height and should not interfere with heat sinks for spare parts. Nor should low profile VRM coolers.

The radiators look much better in color, and design fits perfectly chunky military aesthetics. This theme is up to the thrushes, which were decorated with a subtle beauty that seems simple enough beside the row of capacitors polite.

Asus includes a certificate of reliability with Sabertooth argues that the commission capacitors, inductors and power MOSFETs meet no fewer than 12 different military standards for everything from temperature cycles to mechanical shock. The capacitors have even been certified to withstand the corrosive effects of the atmosphere laced with sea salt, you might prefer to do your overclocking in the comfort of an aircraft carrier.
A generous cut around each expansion slot so that Thermaltake does not interfere with expansion cards. There are two PCI Express x16 slots onboard, and you can define the pair in a dual x8 SLI or CrossFire configuration. Running a dual double-wide graphics config will prevent access to Sabertooth single PCI slot, but these things are easy to live without in this day and age.

Edge of the board will host a group ordered to Serial ATA ports are color-coded speed and control. Only four of the right to offer 6Gbps interfaces, such as white silicon alloy Marvell SATA heatsink that sits on the same low P67 Express chipset. Green on the right of the wall to provide a compatible SATA connectors for the front pair of super-speed USB ports.

Asus uses the same NEC USB 3.0 driver like everyone else, but it is placed in two Sabertooth. Other chip to enter a couple of SuperSpeed ​​downloaded from ports located behind the cluster. Here we see the Asus is trying to bring our sins before splurging is a great solution for Gigabit Ethernet network controller built into the Intel P67 chipset. PHY chip need something extra P67 integrated GigE connections cost more than a Realtek independent, and we appreciate the update.

Realtek, however, provide Sabertooth ALC892 audio codec, which is a virtualization of headphone surround-sound. You will also receive a digital S / PDIF, and the constant flow of eSATA ports, a FireWire connector, and even PS / 2 port for the people still clinging to the original model M keyboards
PS / 2 may be a nod to the old school types, but the saber-toothed BIOS has a decidedly fresh scent with a very slick implementation UEFI. Asus share much the same BIOS code through its range of the base plate 6 of the series, and is a real pleasure to use. The graphic image above to use rookie looks a lot like something you might find in Windows. Switch to advanced mode, and everything is organized like an old Asus BIOS with the added benefit of a support for mouse and trackball.

Here are polished interface is a complete collection of clock multiplier, voltage and timing control. Sandy Bridge, all the knobs and dials are present, such as Turbo coefficients and limits of power. Furthermore, controls the fan speed are decent. Tweakers can tune the range of temperature and speed of the processor, and two additional fans.

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