LED backlit LCD Monitor AOC E2243FW review

At the time of my time building computers, used to rely on a single brand of monitor. This brand was Envision. They had high quality monitors at affordable prices. Yes, I might pony up for a Viewsonic or Sony, but Envision has given me the same great quality at a much lower price. I remember having a large monitor 19 "flat tube in my desk in San Diego. The advent of the screen has changed in the world of ergonomic equipment. When I learned of the AOC, who had no idea who they were. Later I found that the AOC and Envision were one and the same. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to review the AOC e2243FW LED monitor. It would be my first experience with light and also the first time you install a second monitor to my system.

2243 statistics are shocking. First, is one of the world's slimmest monitor. It is as thin as an OLED or a copy of one of those questions Diehard Gamefan only 1.29 cm thick. It is a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1. That means very deep blacks and brilliant colors. This is a small monitor on and consumes only 15 watts of power. It uses LED touch buttons on the bottom of the menu options and control power. 2243 is approximately 21.5 "is available on everything. It also has a 16:9 aspect ratio so it is a little wider than most of the LCD also provides a full board on board viewing widescreen movies 16:9.
Because of the size or specifications. The 2243 tops out at 1080p Samsung my race most of 1920 × 1200 Amazingly, they still both work very well with the extended desktop to AOC. When you drag a video window from one office to another, there is a pause and refresh the screen. I'm positive it has to do with different resolutions. It also censored my video player and forced me to click pause and play before the video appears again.

The AOC seems to have a very cool color temperature to it. Blacks are very deep, but the highlights have what appears to be a blue very low compared with the most warm, the temperature of my yellow Samsung. I tried a few Blu-ray discs with two monitors. Look at the AOC was very cinematic. This is without changing the display settings. Skin tones can be more real to life on the Samsung, but looking at the AOC is like watching a small movie theater screen.

Due to the low power of the AOC, images and windows are very bright, but not too much power. This means you can watch the screen for hours and your eyes never tire. It also means that the vibrant colors and lights.

The only problem I had to follow was the fact that it does not have an HDMI input. It is, however, DVI and RGB D-Sub input standard. It 's also a wall.

I took off the screen images of some Tron Legacy and my Samsung T260 and e2243FW AOC. The biggest difference you will notice the color temperature. In addition, Samsung is much brighter than the AOC, but you can not see these images.

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