laptop hard drive Enermax Jazzmate EB211U3-B review

If you have an old hard-lying, so instead of leaving it to collect dust, you can leverage as external hard drive.
Although there are some hard drive on the market that accommodates a laptop internal hard drive, the Enermax Jazzmate is distinguished from the crowd with some useful features that its competitors have ignored.

The firm is much smaller than installing the hard drive for others, you will encounter because of its "design cooling mesh Plus, which allows air to circulate freely throughout the proceedings, effectively cooling the drive .
You just need to open the chest, push off and put the hard drive inside. It 's so easy to insert and remove hard disk drives that can be exchanged for coming - great if you have a certain number of units in the course of otherwise unused parts.

Adding hard drives can not be easier, and in just a few seconds to adjust to a hard drive, close the box, plug it into computer files and access.

Even better, Enermax Jazzmate included USB 3.0 cable. Do not connect the USB 3.0 delivers amazing speed almost comparable to internal drives.

The price is impressive as well - if you have spare hard drive can be fully functional, high-capacity external drive for only £ 20 If your laptop does not start, this is a very economical way to recover files - remove the disk, insert it in Jazzmate and paste it into your office.

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