Laptop computer Toshiba Satellite M645 review

There can be nothing more disappointing than a product that approaches perfection, which is rolled by a key failure. The Toshiba Satellite M645 laptop is not perfect in itself, but its features certainly fit the bill: a second generation Intel Core i5, high power Nvidia GeForce GT 525 with Optimus, a Blu-Ray , exceptional speakers, a 500 GB hard drive, 6 GB of RAM, all in connection with a laptop of 14 inches. Did we mention it also has a backlit keyboard? What it does.

So what could be wrong with a computer? Battery. M645 does not even last 3 hours. This is a small step from last year's abysmal battery were seen M645, but how is this possible? Thinner than the Toshiba Portege R830, the compression standard-voltage Core i-series, which lasted over 7 hours. Attach the battery, and you have a laptop to four stars. The current, however, that the battery is a serious obstacle to any traveler.
We grumbled a bit 'ugly design is running in Toshiba Satellite laptop many times, and nothing has changed in the model year. Externally it is similar to last year's redesign Satellite M Series, which added a raised island, a keyboard, a finger raised in durable textured models and rear, and a lot of small LED indicator lights above and around the keyboard.

M645 more compact footprint is less severe than the more boat-like 15.6-inch cousins, such as the A665, but is much thicker than the original MacBook Pro or my Toshiba Portege. Charcoal Fusion patterned surface of the plastic that covers the M645 seems a bit 'flashy, but the spots at bay.

The keyboard feels better than the previous Satellite laptop, but the keys are shiny polish them, and are slightly smaller than they are A665. Some may feel cramped, which is a shame, because there are a lot more space to the pages of this notebook, the keyboard may be extended from edge to edge an extra room in your fingers. The keyboard is backlit, but this is a plus.

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