laptop computer Toshiba Portege R830 PT321A-01L002 review

The Toshiba Portege was one of the first ultra-portable laptops on the market to always offer a full length, despite its small size and light weight. Portégé R830 with PT321A-01L002, that the tradition of a lot of things in the assembly of a small group continues, not only that, but also has a maximum voltage, the second generation Intel Core i5. In fact, there are many positive points in this 13.3-inch Laptop 1.4 kg, the main performances are exceptional, but there are also negative aspects like the display, which is not the most dynamic I've seen.

With the i5-2520M processor and solid state disk, R830 configuration includes 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM, Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics. This configuration produces a high speed in our tests: the test of Blender 3D 40seg recorded a time of proof of the iTunes MP3 encoding, there was a time of 46sec, AutoGordianKnot in the test, which in turn a DVD file 1.5 GB Xvid files, recorded a time of 48min. Blender 3D sound and the time of iTunes are exactly the same as the times recorded by the Lenovo ThinkPad X1, which also uses the Intel Core i5-2520M, but Toshiba was a minute faster in the test AutoGordianKnot.
Toshiba also been shown to be faster than 3DMark06, where it produces a score of 3792 - Lenovo, using the same integrated graphics processor, made the 2549 test. Toshiba Solid State Drive has produced a slightly slower performance of solid-state drive in Lenovo, the transfer rate recording 66.25 megabytes per second (Mbps), in our tests, compared to 73.10MBps for Lenovo. The location is not easy to replace, because the chassis is not a regular bay 2.5 ", where a typical SATA interface. Instead of a solid state disk is a 1.8in form factor and is connected to the motherboard via cable tape.

The battery in the Portege has six cells with a rating of 66 watt-hours and is in the spine. Is removable, unlike the battery in the 13.3-inch ultraportable Lenovo and Samsung, and can provide a life away from an outlet. In our test, in ruins, where we turn off power management, screen brightness at maximum, to allow Wi-Fi and a loop Xvid encoded video, the laptop lasted 5h 12min, which is an excellent result. If you only use the notebook to create documents and turn the brightness all the way, can last more than seven hours. Eco Toshiba utility is provided allowing you to use a profile for extreme power to prolong life beyond.

One thing was uncomfortable was very long time to recharge the battery. Unlike the ThinkPad, Portege is not a characteristic fast download - lasted about a half day of full battery.

All up, the Toshiba Portege 830 is undeniably good. It has great performance and excellent battery life, it is strongly built, has an optical drive, and is comfortable to use overall. We wish it was more special features, however, as a backlit keyboard and ambient light sensor. We also want a vibrant display, the keys, it is better to travel and responsiveness, and versatile fingerprint reader. That said, we think it's a good laptop for those who want a lightweight, mobile solution for exceptional performance, features and build quality.

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