laptop computer MSI CR640 review

MSI is known for its laptops drop-dead gorgeous. While the masses are coated with patches of color, their designs are more likely to inspire thoughts that yields masterpieces of the great artist. MSI CR640 is an attempt to reverse this trend, with a look that purports to be based on the upscale sedans.

In practice what this means is a power button that is like the power button for a sports car and a finish that uses a stylish brushed metal texture in place of the old standard black. However, contrary to the suggestion of the quality which raises the CR640 is a MSI laptop all plastics. Thus, while the build quality is strong enough that it lacks high-quality printing. Laptops at this price tends to good.
The high-gloss finish of CR640 is not quite right, but that fingerprints and smudges which resists a glossy black finish to attract a few minutes. It seems unfortunate that the front of the laptop has so many shades of silver - two speakers around the case, two others around the trackpad - they make sure it is fair to say that MSI attempt create (eponymous) "epoch-making" products here have failed.

MSI CR640 use the new processor i3-2310M Sandy Bridge, which offers decent performance at a reasonable price. It uses Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics solution, although expensive MSI CX640 - that packs a GeForce GT 540 - is available if gaming performance is a priority.

MSI CR640, 15.6 is also equipped with 4 GB of DDR III memory stick is available, 2x2GB, 320GB 5400rpm and a hard disk. Everyone tries to stand out among the macho style of cod, its specific list is pretty ordinary.

Along the right edge of the laptop are headphone and microphone jack 3.5 mm, two USB ports and tray-based DVD burner. There is no Blu-ray on sale here, or in the CX640 brothers and sisters more.

He sits across the river from the edge of the two USB slots, HDMI, VGA connector and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Although MSI is advertised as available CR640 addition, two USB 3.0 ports, were not present our review model - we are catching up with USB 2.0 here. USB 3.0 offers three times the data rate of 2.0 used in real life, so be sure to check if you are also investing in a new USB 3.0 external hard drive.
The CR640 MSI uses a 15.6-LCD panel with a resolution of 1377x768.

The backlight on our review model has been extremely well without any sign of bleeding. horizontal viewing angles are decent, but vertical angles are limited by a significant change in contrast. MSI CR640 better results in this regard that some laptops midrange, but we still found significant change in contrast when watching video using a standard monitor angle.

The bezel of the laptop houses a light sensor that can be used to control the backlight level automatically. Is relatively efficient and could help save battery power, depending on the variety of driving environments
Other secondary functions combined with the F-keys are the standards for the transition to a Wi-Fi network in power saving mode and the introduction / use of the trackpad. The keyboard surround is a refreshing free of kinks, but unfortunately the keyboard itself is not very high quality. It uses chiclet keys and the action is not clear enough.

The trackpad is not without difficulties. Under the "dynamic" style laptop, which has a texture of concentric circles radiating from the center.

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