Inkjet All-In-One Colour Photo printer Canon PIXMA MX885 review

The impressive thing for MX885 is how many small offices are equipped with Canon offers in it. This is a complete multi-function, ie companies that simply can not get rid of their dependency on fax can be happy. The playhead is prescribed to 2400x4800dpi, it supports full-duplex automatic scans, faxes and copies, and supports USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity for PC and Mac platforms.

Canon doesn't use the page per minute (ppm) rating that other manufacturers tend towards, instead expressing print speeds in image per minute (ipm) figures. We've generally found that your speeds in real-world usage will tend to be a little lower than the manufacturer's "best case" scenarios, but Canon's ipm figures tend to be a lot closer than the over-inflated ppm figures used elsewhere. In any case, the MX885 isn't rated as a speed demon at a stated 12.5ipm for black pages and 9.3ipm for colour. Photo printing speed is suggested at 20 seconds for a standard 10x15cm photo.
Canon does not rate the MX885 as a particularly speedy document printer, and this was played out in our testing. Sending a single page document to the MX885 over Wi-Fi saw it emerge a lethargic 21.6 seconds later. It did speed up after that initial page, however, and multi-page print runs saw it hit an average of 10ppm, just slightly below Canon's own 12.5ipm figure. Again, we're struck by how Canon's figures seem to be more reliable than those of other vendors, even if they're not particularly brisk. A 10x15cm photo print took on average 35 seconds, which again isn't world-beating.

Print quality was on the whole acceptable without being fantastic. We noticed plain paper documents tended to come out a little wet, and photo prints were just a touch dark in most cases, but then this isn't a dedicated photo printer.

The Pixma MX885 is a home office printer with aesthetics to match. It's not the shiniest all-in-one printer, and even compared to slightly more slick-looking Canon models, such as the MG6150, it's a bit on the plain side. Gone is the touchscreen display of those recent models, replaced by a 4x4 grid of buttons that light up to show specific functions.

The MX885 represents great value for the SOHO multifunction buyer. We could wish it was faster, and that the exact per-page pricing was easier to discern exactly, but those quirks aside, it's an excellent all-round printer offering.

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