hp all in one desktop computer HP Omni 200-5380qd quad review

The Omni 200 takes its design cues from its predecessor, Omni 100: It has a widescreen 21.5-inch, supported by a bent arm, an Apple iMac from $ 21.5 inch. The black frame has a sleek design, the facade has no other jewelry that the integrated speakers lining the bottom of the ring, and a webcam located on top. The left side of the desk is lined with audio jacks, two USB 2.0 ports and card reader. To the right is a DVD burner to loading platform. There are several connectivity options available on the back of the Omni 200, including five USB 2.0 ports (one of which is occupied by a wireless USB adapter that connects the keyboard and mouse), Ethernet and audio jack. I would like to have seen an eSATA or USB 3.0 port, giving users faster speeds of data transfer when connected to an external hard drive.

The Omni 200 will be a huge power brick, and the connection to the system, such as Apple makes its iMac line. It 's more nit-choice than anything else.
Crack tower needs a bit of finesse in a flat screwdriver to tap and pop up a sign in the back. After this easy all the other panels slid. From here you can access the hard drive and RAM slots (all full), but it is likely that the 6 GB that are included the needs of most users away. The only reason you want to access the hard disk, in this case is whether it was defective. Otherwise, 1 TB (7,200 rpm), enough space for a collector or heavy media downloading.

Although there is a second generation Intel Core i-processor, the CPU 200 2.8GHz Omni i5-760 remains a high-end processor. Combined with 6 GB of RAM, did well in our CPU intensive tests as PCMark Vantage (8453) who heads the office through Internet surfing and basic daily tasks, to measure their performance. Editor's Choice "Premium All-in-one desktop, the Apple 27-inch iMac Core i5-other fell only a little late, but the norm in the world real, doesn t dispute "means a lot.

200-room Omni 5380qd makes it possible to compete with high-end all-in-one as the Apple iMac 27-inch, but the price is it part of integrating all-in-one category.

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  1. he HP Omni 100 is a unique desktop PC considering that it is below $600. It is also pretty decent: It has 3GB of memory, a 500 GB hard drive along with a dual-core processor. It also has a 20-inch LCD panel and a design that’s pretty attractive. This computer has all the specs that you would want and a cool look to go with. It is affordable and in complete package. he Omni 100’s design is pretty nice. Its screen is suspended at one tilt point with an arm. It is also adorned in black. The arm suspension permits space below the screen to place the keyboard. It also has good quality speakers that are perfect for music and browsing. These speakers are located below the screen (built-in).


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