Here are some steps to avoid falling victim to viruses, hackers and spyware:

Protect your Wi-Fi:

 If you use a wireless home network, select the router encryption. When using public Wi-Fi network to avoid using or transmit sensitive personal information. Consider purchasing a mobile broadband card, which plugs into your computer, laptop or mobile phone and use a cell phone signal and to ensure access to high-speed Internet.
Use a strong password

Choose password that are hard to guess. Use at least eight characters with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Do not use words easily found in a dictionary. Try a sentence to remember your password, using the first letter of each word. (Ie HmWc @ WC2 for: "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck").

Be careful when sharing:

Sharing digital files (photographs, films, music) may be at risk. You can download a virus or spyware that makes your computer vulnerable to hackers.

Install a firewall

 Pirates of the Internet to research how some telemarketers to automatically dial phone numbers at random: They send out pings (calls) to thousands of computers and wait for answers . Firewalls prevent your computer responds. Some computers with built-in firewall that can be sent in the "off" state. Make sure your firewall is configured properly and updated regularly. Check your online "Help" for instructions.

Use anti-virus software

 it scans your computer and e-mail viruses and then delete them. Keep it running constantly updated and defeat the last "bug". Set to check for viruses on a daily basis.

Shop online safely

Visit the web site before entering your credit card number or other personal information. Read our privacy policy and find places to retire for the exchange of information. Search for "https" in the address bar or an unbroken lock icon in the browser window. These include your information is encrypted or encoded as protection against hackers.

Avoid spyware

some spyware records every keystroke you make, such as passwords and financial information. Signs that your computer may be infected: a barrage of pop-up ads, slow, and began to sites you do not want. Spyware protection is also included anti-virus programs, or can be purchased separately. Avoid: Download software "free" only from trusted web sites. Do not click on links in pop-ups or spam.

Manage Your browser

set security settings at medium or high. See "Tool" and "Settings" menu, as it has done it. Update your operating system and browser regularly to take advantage of security updates automatically.


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