Gaming Laptop pc‏ MSI GT680R review

The MSI GT680R is one of the Goliaths of portable gaming. Although there are gaming laptops larger than 15.6 inches this model is still a very big boy, is not built with frequent travel or long distance in mind. Of course, this has put great MSI circumference of a lot of high-tech equipment inside.

It is clear that the inclusion of Sandy Bridge is the performance history major. The processor of this notebook is the same, which was packed in ASUS N53, a multimedia notebook extremely well. There are no more impressive features, but the large amount of RAM, 500 GB 7200 rpm dual hard drives and a 1080p display.
Gaming laptops are a license to go berserk. Design that would never work in a second consumer electronics device has been given passage, and although this makes the ready, subtlety is rarely the chosen direction. Annoying LED with the power of the sun and the painting dynamic that would be appropriate on the first car of a teenager are just some examples of how gaming laptops are losing their marbles.

Given the competition GT680R MSI  brought out as reserved and buttoned-down, at least in some cases.

The exterior of the laptop is black trimmed with black, with LEDs are only limited action in a sort of light bar that is located near the display hinges. Although I prefer this approach to gaming notebook, I must admit that MSI GT680R first impression was far less influential than the ASUS G53, which has a much more conservative style. MSI has taken a middle road that seems calm at first, but can be strong when the orange LED is lit, creating an exotic glow laptop together. I'm not sure what the point of this is that they are simply used to be a distraction. MSI would have been preferable to leave the LED off completely.

Opening GT680R reveals the simple furnishings. Almost everything is black except for what it is gray, and the design feature that is causing only a honeycomb pattern applied to the palm rest plastic. While annoying, there's nothing wrong with simplicity. What I have a problem with a look at the cheap plastic used. For example, the palm rest is a transparent coating that looks like wood coatings. This is a $ 1,500 laptop, and would afford certain feeling of luxury.

Looks aside, it seems solid, but playing on the keyboard during an intense firefight. There is very little flexibility through the frame and holding the laptop on one side induced only a few small whimpers of protest. My only concern is the top of the screen, which allows significant flex when pressure is placed in the center. Although unlikely to be a big problem, I would think twice before putting heavy things on this laptop, and I would be sure to be careful when traveling.

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