Gaming keyboard Thermaltake MEKA G1 review

I will not pretend that I remember how incredible it was IBM Model M keyboard. I know I've used for many years, but I'm emo-new-school-puppet variety that is very happy with the smooth soft keyboards today. However, there is a school of thought, especially among professional players that the M-model was the ultimate goodness of banging your finger, and it is these people that Thermaltake MEKA G1 keyboard is hoping to attract.

MEKA G1 is set in the same way, with the old model M to give up a fantasy dedicated multimedia controls, or the number of bright balls of a simple clean layout. According MEKA G1, we all need a good 12 function keys and keypad to keep you happy. It does not even glow in the dark. Just a mention of extra features are headphone and microphone extension cable.
Instead of fluff, what you pay is based on a keyboard with mechanical switches, MX Black Cherry mechanical switches, to be precise. If you're one of the world's dominant pro gamer with reflexes of a ninja cyber, you immediately notice the rate of 1000 Hz to vote on these parameters.

This is actually observed under benchmarking, with PassMark Keyboard Test, Keys has revealed that there are about five times faster than a standard keyboard when it comes to hit the WASD.

If you often daydream about how to use a real keyboard feel, or absolutely need split-second reflexes to today's games, you probably love the G1 MEKA single heavy pressed. The rest of us, like playing the guitar, this thing looks cool, but it is very painful to use on a regular basis.

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